World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Day 5

Carlos MortensenDay 5 of the 2011 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Main Event didn’t take very long to complete, with only 18 players returning to the Commerce Casino for  a chance of winning over $1.6 million for the first place prize money. It only took 6 hours for the field to get narrowed down to the final 6, who will be coming back on Thursday for the final table action.

One of the players who survived the day was still in contention for his fourth WPT title. That player was Carlos Mortensen, also the 2001 World Series of Poker Main Event champion. At the conclusion of play, Mortensen built up his stack to 5,235,000.

Mortensen isn’t the only former WPT champion. Vivek Rajkumar has the second biggest chip stack going to the final table with 5,185,000. The other players which round out the final table are Amir Lehavot, Gregory Brooks, Darryll Fish and Steve Gross.

At the start of Day 5, Kathy Liebert was the first player to get eliminated. She moved all-in preflop with Ac-Ts against Fish’s pocket jacks. The board came down Ks-9h-5h-5d-kh which sent Liebert to the rail. Another notable player to get knocked out during the action today was 2010 WSOP November Niner Jason Senti. He had his pocket queens cracked against Brooks.

When there was 12 players left in the tournament, Mortensen knocked out two players in the same hand. Shannon Shorr, James Carroll, and Mortensen got involved in a three-way all-in, and even with the worst of it Mortensen scooped the big pot, moving to 4,500,000 in chips.

Next, Jesse Yaginuma was next to be eliminated in 10th place, and the action was now down to the final table. But the tournament structure ensured that 3 players were still to be knocked out before the end of the day’s play. Jason DeWitt, who was at one point the leading chip stack, Allen Cunningham, and David “Bakes” Baker were the remaining players not coming back tomorrow.

The final elimination of Day 5 saw Baker open to 125,000 from the cutoff position, and Rajkumar three-bet to 305,000 from the small blind. Baker then moved all-in for his remaining chips and Rajkumar made the call with Ad-Td, which was behind Baker’s pocket kings. However, there was an ace in the door and with no king to come on the later streets, ensured that Baker was eliminated, taking home $176,000 for his efforts.

Here were the starting chip counts and players left for the final 6 of WPT L.A. Poker Classic:

Seat 1 – Vivek Rajkumar – 5,185,000
Seat 2 – Darryll Fish – 2,275,000
Seat 3 – Gregory Brooks – 2,300,000
Seat 4 – Amir Lehavot – 4,115,000
Seat 5 – Steve Gross – 1,320,000
Seat 6 – Carlos Mortensen – 5,235,000

With the chip lead Mortensen has over most of the final table, it’s going to be tough for any player to prevent Mortensen from adding another WPT title to his resume. The win would move him into fifth place and surpassing Phil Hellmuth on the all-time money list.