Victor Ramdin Wins The Big Event 2011

Victor RamdinThe final day of The Big Event Main Event saw the final eight players return to the felt at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. The tournament began with a field of 417-players, with every player who survived to make the final table still a chance of taking home the $500,000 first place prize money. That honor eventually went to Victor Ramdin.

As soon as the final table action commenced it didn’t take long for the first elimination, when Santiago Nadal put in a standard open raise only to be three-bet from Victor Ramdin. When everyone else folded, Nadal moved all-in for his remaining stack and Ramdin called with A-K. Nadal held pocket jacks. An ace on the turn with no help on the river meant Nadal was eliminated in eighth place.

A short while later, Hachem raised to 66,000 from the hijack and Jose De Noronha moved all-in for 377,000 more. Everyone else folded and Hachem ended up tank calling. De Noronha held pocket sevens and Hachem held Kh-Jh. A king on the flop had De Noronha in bad shape and the turn and river changed nothing, and De Noronha was sent to the rail in seventh place.

The next player to get eliminated was Govert Metaal when he three-bet shoved preflop but was called by Hachem with Ac-Qc. A queen on the flop was all it took and Metaal hit the rail in sixth place.

It took a couple hours for the next elimination, but it finally came when Bryan Leskowitz failed to crack Jeremy Ausmus’ pocket queens with his Ks-Js.

When play was four-handed, the action continued for a while before Taylor von Kriegenbergh three-bet shoved for just about a million chips and was called by Hachem with A-Q. Von Kriegenbergh held K-T and was drawing dead on the turn. Von Kriegenbergh exited in fourth place.

A soon as play became three-handed the chips went back and forth constantly. Eventually, Ausmus opened to 225,000 with J-9 and Hachem called with K-7. The flop came down 5-J-K, Ausmus bet 280,000 and Hachem shoved all-in. Ausmus called for his tournament life. Hachem’s top pair was in the front, and the turn and river bricked, sending Ausmus to the rail in third place

So the heads-up match to determine The Big Event Main Event Champion was between two top poker pros, Hachem with 7,090,000 and Ramdin with 5,420,000. It was a long heads-up battle which took about ninety minutes to complete. Finally, Victor Ramdin raised to 250,000 from the button and Hachem shoved all-in. Ramdin called and when the cards were revealed Hachem held A-K against Ramdin’s A-J.

Although Hachem had his opponent dominated, that all changed when the flop came down Jc-8h-Ah giving Ramdin top two pair. The turn was the Ts which gave Hachem some extra outs. “Queen ball, baby,” Hachem shouted. Unfortunately for the 2005 WSOP Main Event champion it was not meant to be as the river bricked, which brought a conclusion to 2011 The Big Event Main Event and Victor Ramdin was crowned champion.