Urnotindangr beats Isildur1 SuperStar Showdown

Scott "urnotindangr" PalmerThis week’s SuperStar Showdown was battled out between two nosebleed-stakes cash game players, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer. Although Palmer isn’t a household name like Blom, the two players have a lot of history together on the virtual felt.

After a swingy heads-up encounter which saw aces cracked, Palmer won the first round match, finishing with a $5,425 profit.

Within the first six minutes of the match, Palmer five-bet shoved with pocket eights and Blom made the call with ladies. Unfortunately for Blom, Palmer spiked a set on the turn.

Over the next 150 hands Palmer increased that lead to more than $50,000. On Table 3, Palmer opened for $300 with Kd-Qc and Blom called in the big blind with Qs-3s. The flop came down Ks-Qd-8s hitting both players, Blom with middle pair and a flush draw and Palmer with top two pair. Blom checked to Palmer who bet $400. Blom raised to $1,200 and Palmer made the call. The 2c on the turn missed Blom, but it didn’t slow him down and he led out for $2,250. Palmer just called, and when the Kh gave him the full house he shoved after Blom had checked, winning a $20,200 pot.

Undeterred, over the next 30 minutes Blom fought back, and by the time one hour had passed, Blom held a $22,050 lead. However, during the middle stages of the match the swings were fierce, and at the 1,500 hands mark, Blom had a $50,150 lead, although Palmer managed to double-up through Blom in two consecutive hands which cut that margin in half.

Around the 1,700-hand mark, Palmer moved back into the lead after flopping two pair on a board of Qh-6d-2d with 2c-6s against Blom’s Ad-3d. Blom missed his flush draw and the $23,000 pot went to Palmer. However, Blom didn’t waste any time, and a few minutes later, Blom was back in the lead to the tune of $18,525.

With 100 hands left the biggest hand of the match occurred, when Blom made a standard open for $300 with Ts-8d and Palmer called with pocket fives. The 5c-2h-2d flop gave Palmer a boat and he decided to slow play it. Blom sensed weakness and bet $500 on the flop. Palmer called and also check called when the 7d hit on the turn came on the turn. The river was the 4d and Palmer decided to check again to induce Blom into a bluff and he obliged, this time betting $2,850. Palmer raised to $8,600, and Blom bluff shoved for $42,950. Palmer snap-called the additional $18,625, and raked in the massive $58,850 pot.

In the closing hands of the match, the lead changed twice and Palmer finished with the overall chip lead by less than one buy-in.