UB To Sponsor Season 7 of Heartland Poker Tour

UBUB.net is sponsoring Season 7 of the Heartland Poker Tour (“HPT”), meaning the online poker site will be exposed to millions of people when the programmes are broadcast on televsion.

Different to most poker tours, HPT offers players a made-for-TV poker experience that manages to remember that having fun playing this great card game is equally as important as any prize money you can win.

And while the HPT series was created for amateur players it will be possible for participants to play alongside high profile poker pros, including the likes of Team UB pros Joe Sebok, Eric “Basebaldy” Baldwin, Brandon Cantu, and Adam “Roothlus” Levy. The UB pros will participate in the tournament and will also provide guest commentary for some of the episodes.

Commenting on Season 7 of HPT, Team UB Pro Joe Sebok said “What HPT has been able to do is fantastic. The best kept secret in poker with their homegrown events and national television exposure, they simply get bigger and better every year out. For us, to come in and back their product, we know we’ll help to shine a spotlight on HPT like never before. So, expect more players having some fun at the HPT tables and overall richer prize pools across the tour,” .

UB.net will have excellent exposure in all HPT Season 7 episodes, HPT live events, as well as on the website. UB Poker will also host a series of online qualifiers that give players the unique opportunity to win attractive prize packages, including HPT tournament entries, accommodation, UB merchandise.

HPT Executive Producer Greg Lang said “Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho are fan favorites after playing a few HPT events. We’re looking forward to seeing them more often, as well as other members of Team UB,”.

In 2011, HPT will stop off at a number of locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Florida and Nevada. For every tournament in the series, expect hundreds of players competing for six highly sought after seats as the average “Poker Joe” will have the chance of winning ‘life-changing’ money.

HPT is broadcast to over 100 million households across America in addition to widespread distribution in Europe and the Caribbean. HPT episodes air weekly on a syndicated network of television stations available to nearly every U.S. household. For more information about the complete schedule of upcoming events, visit the website HPTpoker.com.