UB.com Bad Beat Jackpot Now Over $1 Million

UB.comAs soon as the Bad Beat Jackpot on UB.com will officially hit, the loser of the hand will stand to take home $325,000. The Bad Beat Jackpot hasn’t gone off in weeks so the prize pool has risen to an astranomical amount, currently over $1 million.

In order for the bad beat jackpot to be paid on the site, a player is required to have quad eights or better cracked, which obviously doesn’t happen very often, hence the reason why the UB.com Bad Beat Jackpot has risen to a whopping seven-figure sum of money. Prior to today, the largest UB.com Bad Beat Jackpot was $996,000 in 2008.

Keep in mind that there are designated cash tables to be eligible for the Bad Beat Jackpot. You must be playing at these tables for it to count, both in regular and Turbo formats, and they appear in the games lobby with a “J” next to the table.

On PocketFives.com, there was discussion about the $1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot. One player was wanting to know what the record is for the largest UB.com Bad Beat Jackpot, while another player shared his experiences with nearly hitting the Jackpot, after flopping top set vs. a flopped straight flush, giving him a shot at the Jackpot when it was at the $600,000 mark. It was a sick freeroll on the turn and river for close to $200,000 but it bricked out.

According to the site PokerScout.com, the CEREUS network, which includes UB.com and Absolute Poker, has experienced three consecutive days of peak traffic levels, with over 5,000 cash game players playing at the network each day on average.

When the Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered, the total amount currently in the jackpot will be distributed as follows: 65% of the amount will be given to the players dealt into the hand. The bad beat player gets a large percentage of it, $325,000 at the time of writing this, and the winner of the hand will collect $162,500.

In addition, every other player at the same table when the hand occurred will collect $1,000. Then, the remaining amount of the prize pool allocated to the players will be distributed evenly to the players seated at other tables of the same game and stakes. 35% of the amount will be taken by UB.com with 25% used to fund the new jackpot.

UB.com features some of the best up-and-coming poker pros including Prahlad Friedman, Joe Sebok, and Eric “basebaldy” Baldwin, to name a few. If you’re looking to get rich quick by cracking the Bad Beat Jackpot, then head over to UB.com or Absolute Poker. Both online poker rooms accept players from the United States.