Roy Brindley Signs With VC Poker

Roy “The Boy” BrindleyIn a recent announcement it has been made official that well-known poker pro, writer, and commentator Roy “The Boy” Brindley has joined Victor Chandler as Team VC Captain and Resident Pro.

The newly acquired role will mean Brindley will be representing the Victor Chandler Poker site at the upcoming European Masters of Poker events, which includes duties of being host, coach, and captain to Team VC players at each tournament.

The 41 year-old poker pro started playing poker in 2001. In his debut year he won seven tournaments with buy-ins ranging between £50 and £500. That year, he went on to amass $84,076 in winnings and his total life time tournament earnings to date are in excess of $800,000. Brindley’s biggest score came at the $7,500 Betfair Poker Masters of Europe event in 2007, taking home a $120,000 pay-day. Prior to being signed with VC Poker, Brindley was a sponsored pro at Ladbrokes.

Commenting on the new addition to the Pro Team, Victor Chandler’s Head of Poker Andy Horne said:

“We are very happy to have Roy “The Boy” captaining Team VC at EMOP and we are sure that his presence at the live events will have a positive effect on the performance of the Team VC players.”

“Ultimately we wish for our players to have as enjoyable a time as possible at the EMOP events as well as to be given every opportunity to succeed and we have every confidence that Roy will make that wish a reality for all concerned.”

Roy “The Boy” Brindley also published a poker book entitled ‘Life’s a Gamble’, in which he talks about his life and prior gambling addiction. However, nowadays, Brindley reflects on the problem which consumed him in the past and now takes a more relaxed approach to the game.

Commenting about his addition to the Victor Chandler Pro Team, Brindley said:

“Poker has become way too serious in recent years. Yes we are all chasing a life-changing result but you have to accept that winners inevitably outnumber losers by a ratio of nine-to-one in tournaments and, consequently, it’s prudent to view a cash as reason to rejoice and elimination an excuse to party!”

“I can promise Victor Chandler’s EMOP qualifiers plenty of the latter and hopefully some of the former at the EMOP’s superb venues starting in Portugal in just three weeks time.”