Rens02 wins PokerStars Sunday Million

PokerStarsThe Sunday Million $1.5 million guarantee is PokerStars’ flagship weekly tournament. This week, there were 8,613 players who registered, creating a prize pool of $1,722,600, which was enough to pay out the top 1,260 finishers.

A few of the PokerStars pros reached the money, including Johnny Lodden who was first to cash, with Toni Judet the last one of the Team pros left standing, eventually exiting in 515th place.

During Level 36 of play with blinds of 200,000/400,000 and a 40,000 ante the final table was reached, with starting chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: ZAGABOY (3,036,503 in chips)
Seat 2: marcosretard (19,910,907 in chips)
Seat 3: ShipThisPLZ (16,037,348 in chips)
Seat 4: GALLOWAY55 (3,886,597 in chips)
Seat 5: JohnFR (19,382,774 in chips)
Seat 6: Rens02 (8,678,337 in chips)
Seat 7: PRIVATEPILE (5,299,721 in chips)
Seat 8: otolas (2,604,932 in chips)
Seat 9: plaque20 (7,292,881 in chips)

Action began at the final table of the Sunday Million with otolas doubling up through GALLOWAY55. A few hands later, GALLOWAY55 moved all-in move with A-T, and PRIVATEPILE gambled with J-4. When the Js hit on the turn it gave PRIVATEPILE a pair of jacks and the 9s on the river saw GALLOWAY55 exit the final table in ninth place.

Otolas was involved in a lot of the action early on, this time moving all in with A-4, but was called by PRIVATEPILE in the small blind with Q-3. The Qc on the turn eliminating otolas in eighth place for $18,948.60.

With five players remaining at the final table, the tournament was paused as a deal was negotiated. As soon as play commenced, it didn’t take very long before marcosretard moved all-in with A-K which was up against A-7 of Rens02. The board of 6-7-2-8-J gave Rens02 the pair of sevens and the pot, and Marcosretard, who qualified via a $3 satellite, exited the final table in fifth place.

ZAGABOY managed to double up through plaque20, which left plaque20 with no choice but to move all-in the very next hand, and Rens02 woke up with Ks-Qd, which was up against the Ac-4d of plaque20. The board of 9c-Qs-2s gave Rens02 a pair of queens, and the turn and river didn’t change anything, which saw Plaque20 exit in fourth place with $130,329.91.

ShipThisPLZ then decided to risk his tournament life by moving all-in with A-T, which seemed to be the hand of the final table, but Rens02 called with pocket fives. The board came down 7d-9c-9d-Qh-4h which didn’t change the outcome, and ShipThisPLZ was out in third place with $120,357.35.

The heads up match was between ZAGABOY with 23,990,573 in chips and Rens02 with 62,139,427 in chips. Although the chips were going back and forth in the heads up confrontation, eventually ZAGABOY moved all-in with jacks, and Rens02 called with A-T. The flop came down T-8-4 giving one pair for Rens02, which improved with the Ah on the turn. The river bricked, and ZAGABOY finished in second place. Rens02 won the Sunday Million title, taking home $234,000 for his efforts.