Ramdin Leads The Big Event After Day 2

Victor RamdinOn Monday, Day 2 of The Big Event Main Event got underway in California with 221 players returning to the felt until the field would be whittled down to just 68.

After 13 rounds during the day’s play, Victor Ramdin is the chip leader with a monster 1,070,000 stack. It goes without saying that Ramdin had a great day, managing to build up his stack from 81,000 to seven figures in just six levels.

One of the key pots which helped his cause on Day 2 was against WSOP bracelet winner Scott Clements. Clements raised to 4,800 then another player three-bet to 12,500. Ramdin made the call on the button, and so did Clements. The flop came down Tc-3c-2d and the flop was checked around. The turn the 6s and the action was checked to Ramdin and he bet 17,500. Clements made the call and the other player proceeded to move all-in for approximately 70,000 in chips. Ramdin snap-called but Clements folded.

When the cards were revealed, Ramdin showed a set with pocket sixes. His opponent held the 7c-5c for a flush draw and gutshot straight draw, giving him plenty of outs to make the winning hand. However, the river bricked and the pot went to Ramdin.

Another player who had a good day was Chris DeMaci, having entered the day as the overall chip leader. DeMaci finished up with 416,800 in chips. He was fortunate in one hand against Ana Marquez. DeMaci decided to gamble with low suited connectors and hit a wheel on the turn at the same time Marquez had a set of aces, so it was inevitable that all the chips were going in the middle. However, if the board was to pair on the river Marquez would win the pot, but the river bricked and DeMaci moved to over 500,000 at that point.

Some of the other notable players heading in to Day 3 are Daniel Negreanu, Alex Kamberis, Greg Debora, Shawn Busse, David Paredes and Anh Van Nguyen. Negreanu is one of the bigger stacks with 360,700 in chips.

Those who weren’t so lucky to survive Day 2 included Allen Kessler, Amnon Filippi, Nach Barbero, Barry Greenstein, Kathy Liebert, Dwyte Pilgrim and Joe Tehan.

The money bubble hasn’t burst yet when means the remaining players who are returning on Day 3 have still yet to cash. The action will commence on Tuesday where the action will continue until the final 24 are reached.