PRAETORIANER Wins PartyPoker Bad Beat Jackpot

PartyPoker Bad Beat JackpotJust a week ago, an online poker player from Germany had plenty to celebrate about after hitting the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot worth around $1 million.

The huge sum of money would definitely be life changing money for the loser of the bad beat hand. According to PTR, PRAETORIANER is a cash game player and earned around $1,763 playing at the ring game tables at PartyPoker before releasing the Bad Beat Jackpot for $479,101.

The actual hand when the bad beat occurred took place at the PartyPoker’s $2/$4 cash game tables. PRAETORIANER was playing with a $400 stack and opened to $12 in the UTG+2 position with pocket tens. The action then folded around to with ‘rol007′ who called in mid-position with As-Qs . The flop came down 10s-Ks-10h and ‘rol007’ called PRAETORIANER’s bet of $16. The turn was the 4c and PRAETORIANER decided to go for a checked-raise to $80 after rol007 bet $32 when it was checked to him. The river was the Js which guaranteed there would be action and PRAETORIANER led out with a bet for $248. rol007 then moved all-in for his remaining stack holding the premier hand in poker which rarely gets paid off when you do have it.

For being the winner of the hand rol007 also collected $239,550 for his share of the Bad Beat prize pool. In addition, the seven other players involved in the hand each collected $34,221 for just being at the same table at the time the bad beat took place.

Commenting on the the massive Bad Beat Jackpot hand, PRAETORIANER said:

“Before I saw the river card (jack of spades) I didn’t even realise that I might be playing for the jackpot here. When I went all-in and he insta-called, my pulse went up. Everything went really fast from here. I got a notification at the table that I had won the BBJ and immediately received the money in my account – my heart almost stopped. I was yelling and running around the room like a madman.”

After realizing he realsed the jackpot, PRAETORIANER said; “I will probably stay more relaxed when I get one-outered and just think back to my BBJ!”

In addition, the German player also commented that he now intends to spend some of his winnings on an iPad, expensive whisky, leather couch and a new mouse and keyboard, since he often throws them against the wall after a bad beat.