Turbo Sit and Go Poker Strategy

Turbo Sit and Go Poker Strategy

Many online poker rooms, including the largest online poker rooms, have started to offer Turbo Sit and Go Poker tournaments. The structure of these tournaments is slightly different, compared to the normal old SNG and this is the reason why players should adopt a different strategy.

In case you would like to sit back and relax, while playing a non aggressive online poker, then turbo sit and go tournaments are not for you. The turbo SNG tournaments are all about wild action and high risk that require the maximum amount of concentration from every player. This is the reason why in case you are a rock you should avoid playing turbo SNG, since these tournaments are not for conservative, passive and card dependent players.

The most important factor that is changed at the turbo SNG tournaments is the blind structure. A turbo sit and go poker tournament is going to provide a smaller amount of chips to the players at the start of the tournament and the blinds are going to start going up very fast. This way the game will have a higher speed and it will last less than a normal tournament. The higher blinds will translate in a different type of play. You will have to do less profiling on your opponents and there is going to be less play after the flop.

The turbo Sit and go poker tournaments are for those players that find it very easy to play aggressively. This means that by playing aggressive they should feel very comfortable as if that’s their style of playing poker. This means that the players will have to be a lot more concentrated at the table and to calculate all the time on the stack risk VS chip reward and always make the right decisions with absolutely no hesitation.

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The supreme objective of the Turbo Sit and Go poker tournament is to make the money. This means that even if you manage to crash into the money and have a really nice stack at the final rounds of the Turbo SNG or even if you manage to get there with only a short stack, the main objective is going to be to learn to adapt as fast as possible to the changing circumstances and as these will change you will have to apply a different strategy. You can do that by studying the SNG strategies that are currently available online at many of the SNG poker websites out there. This way you will be able to get a very good overview of the Sit and Go action.

At a turbo SNG tournament you should always use a short handed play. This means that in order to dominate such a tournament, you must be very skilful at short handed, bubble play, in the money and at the end the heads-up play.

A Turbo Sit and Go poker tournament is going to challenge all your current online poker capabilities and skills and at the same time if there are any errors that you keep making, these are going to stand out and your opponents will take advantage. In case you would like to improve your online poker skills, a Turbo Sit and Go poker tournament is the perfect place where you can sharpen your skills and to get rid of the mistakes you keep making.

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