Top 5 Poker Tips

Top 5 Poker Tips

1 – Position

Position is one of the most important aspects of every poker hand you play, as a hands strength all depends on where you are seated on the table. If you are in a later position, hands become much stronger, but if you are in an early seat hands become much weaker. For example if you are sitting UTG with Ten-Jack suited, it’s an easy fold. However if you are in the Cut off with the exact same hand, you will more then likely put in a raise. Position is one of the first concepts in poker you should learn, otherwise you will be bleeding chips in every single game you play.

2 – Adjust to every game you play

Every single game of poker you play will be different. You will always be seated with player’s who have unique playing styles, so adjusting to them is what makes a good player a great one. If you can identify the player type of most your opponents, you are at a great advantage to make money at the table. All you have to do is adjust your play for each of the player’s and play on their weaknesses. Every poker pro will play the same hand differently against a range of opponents to maximise their profits, so try mixing your game up.

3 – Pick your best game

There are increasinly more types of poker nowadays, so picking the game that suits you will put you in the best position to win money. Whether your a cash game player, SNG player or a MTT player, there are still many choices to make. If your a cash player, you must decide if your play suits limit, no limit or pot limit and whether your best at 6 max tables or full ring. If your a SNG player you have numerous decisions to make, such as are you best at knockout tournaments, turbos, Matrix, Doubles or nothings and the list goes on. If your an MTT player you also have to decide what tournaments suit you, such as knockouts, cashouts, big fields, small fields etc. So before you sit at the poker table ensure you are playing the game that suits your playing style but most importantly, that you enjoy playing.

4 – Table selecting

Following on from tip 3, once you have found your right game you must then find the best table within that group. If you are playing cash games you have the most information on your opponents, as you can check the tables statisitics from the lobby. However if your a SNG or MTT player you don’t have the same resources to check out a table before you play, so how can you table select? Well, for a SNG player it is fairly easy. As most SNG player’s are normally mutli-tabling the same limit it’s impossible not to bump into the same faces over and over again. Therefore you can easily just tag each good and bad player, so when you look at the table from the lobby you can see whether the game is worth playing. With MTT’s it’s much harder however, you can use the tagging system but there is no way of knowing who you will be seated with.

5 – Playing in the right frame of mind

Your emotions can really get in the way of playing your best poker, so making sure you are playing without any restrictions is very important. If you are tired, angry or sad you will likely end up losing money from your session, as your reactions won’t be as good and your mind will not be fully focused on the game. Tilt will also be a major problem if upset or angry, so keep your bankroll safe and stay away from the poker table if you are not in the right frame of mind.

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