Tips For Long Poker Sessions

Tips For Long Poker Sessions

Playing online poker can be fun and profitable, but it can also take its toll on the body if you are grinding 8-12 hour days. However, lets face it, if the aim is to make money you need to get in the volume to overcome variance. This article is to give you a few tips to help ease the monotony of grinding long online poker sessions.

1. If you are having a bad poker session and can feel the anxiety setting in because you really don’t want to lose anymore money, know that this is negatively effecting your game, as you may play more aggressively then you normally would because of tilt, which can be a disaster at the poker table and other players will begin to realize you are playing on tilt. Implement a stop loss strategy to avoid these situations. For example, if your strategy is to quit a poker session whenever you drop more then 2 buy-ins, this will ensure that you never play on tilt so it won’t affect your game. Keep in mind that the stop loss may not be for everyone, as not every player’s game will be effected when dropping a few buy-ins due to bad beats and suckouts, but in general most players will go on tilt when they get unlucky and were a big favorite to win a hand. The aim is to maintain focus at the table and the next tip will discuss this.

2. You need a good place to play poker. I don’t really enjoy grinding on a laptop because it just isn’t comfortable. The ideal environment is a bedroom with spacious desk space, with window blinds to block out the sunlight so the sun doesn’t hit the monitor and make it difficult to see the screen. Basically any room which is away from the family room so there is no distractions like TV or family visitors is preferable. When you are playing online poker you need to be comfortable grinding long hours so as to remain focused on the poker game and not let other variables be a distraction. As an added bonus, if you have a foot rest under the computer desk, you can put your feet up and be even more comfortable and focused on the game.

3. Listen to music while you are playing online poker can be a good way to get you in the right mindset for playing. Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to music, but I find that listening to relaxing music like progressive house and chillout trance really gets me in the zone when playing and ensures that I play well. Its also great listening to music when you are not in a hand as it gives you something to do and prevents you from getting bored. Boredom will make you impatient and you may make moves you wouldn’t normally do, and music really helps with this.

4. The best method for putting in huge volume is to play multiple sessions during the day. Obviously this depends on your schedule but I find it to be the most optimal. If you can play 2-3 mini sessions I like to call them during the day, this will ensure that you are not up all night playing when you really would prefer to be sleeping or doing other stuff.

5. Lastly, if after a couple of weeks or months of grinding, you begin to experience some back pains, then you really need to look at your chair. It is imperative that you have a comfortable chair to avoid any potential back pain problems.

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