Rush Poker Strategy

Rush Poker Strategy

Rush Poker is a new poker game variation which was launched by Full Tilt Poker to differentiate it from other poker sites. It’s a fun and exciting game which you should definitely take the time to experience for yourself. I would go as far to say it will be an online poker revolution, but only time will tell.

One of the biggest differences when playing Rush Poker is that you will be facing a new set of opponents every hand, and hence new Rush Poker players ask the question, what is a winning strategy when playing Rush Poker?

There are a few adjustments you will need to make if you wish to migrate to Rush Poker ring games. Yes, there is potentially more fish at the Rush tables as recreational players are attracted to this new playing format, but if you are not making the correct adjustments, you can expect to receive huge swings in your roll as a direct result.

Expecting a higher winrate when you are playing Rush poker is a ridiculous expectation, when for the most part you are playing against opponents “readless”. Typically, a winning poker player is beating up players at the cash game tables by exploiting weaknesses of opponents based on reads they are able to get. For example, if a loose player is limp calling too much, you can isolate the limper and take down the pot with a cbet almost always, but you haven’t got history with your opponents when playing Rush Poker.

But since it’s not possible to develop the same reads on your opponents, it’s the same for your opponents, they are playing a readless game as well. Factors like levelling yourself because you have history with an opponent or balancing your range are inconsequential on Rush tables, you just won’t develop much of a history with one specific opponent to make it a wortwhile consideration.

The thing about Rush Poker is that you will find various different playing styles on the tables, ranging from the nits who are only playing the top 5% of hands to the maniacs who are looking to bluff every time they sense a bit of weakness. Knowing which type of opponent you are playing against when you are readless can be a difficult proposition.

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When you are readless, one thing to consider is the stack sizes of your opponents. Generally the fish will be playing with a smaller stack as they are playing badly and donking off their chips. So even though you may be playing a hand readless on a player, you can more then likely assume they are bad based on stack size.

Even though you are constantly moving tables it would still be a good idea to take player notes, because you will still run into the same players from time to time, especially the Rush Poker regulars who prefer playing this new game.

I think you will find that alot of your profit will come from the reads you make on your opponents which you have played in previous hands, and of course if you are playing with a HUD you will be able to form some type of reads as well.

Generally, I think the most optimal Rush Poker strategy is playing TAG, playing speculative hands in big multi-way pots when you have the implied odds, and playing premium starting hands like AK and big pocket pairs. It can also be very profitable to set mine with any pocket pair when there has been an early position raise. Quite often they are raising with a big pair in this spot so when you do flop a set most players find it difficult to get away from a top pair hand or over pairs, especially in Rush Poker I have noticed.

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