Playing Ace-King

Playing Ace-King

Any poker player who knows the hand rankings will know that in any regular game of poker, the best starting hand that you could look into your pocket cards to see would be pocket aces.

Should you find that your not holding that pocket pair, finding Ace-King in your hand will offer you a good starting hand too but so many players, especially within the online poker scene play this hand to a strength associated with a pair of Aces, showing a willingness to risk their entire chip stack on an all in pre flop call.

Although the hand does offer a good amount of strength at the start of the play, this doesn’t mean that you are going to enter into the hand with a very strong possibility of winning the hand simply because of the presence of an Ace and King been placed into the same hand, in fact you have to remember that you will be going into the action firmly behind any player who is holding a pair of any kind.

Now playing Ace King is advised within the early stages of the betting round, making sure that you are within the action when the community cards are about to come into action, but should you see an all in play from an opponent, surely you are going to offer that play with the respect that it requests?

Its been seen time and time again that players have pushed all in with a paired starter hand for a considerable or all of a poker players chips and with Ace King in their pocket, they are only too happy to risk their game life and make that call.

After the call has been made they are exposed to finding out that the all in play was made by their opponent as they were holding a pocket pair, offering them higher chance of winning the pot from an early stage.

Both you and I have seen this happen and the community cards have either run low and left you with as little as Ace high or your opponent have simply been made stronger on the flop and left you drawing dead, not a pleasant situation for any poker player.

So many players then look to blame the online poker room for their loss, claiming that its rigged or simply that their play wasn’t as lapse as it truly was, something that will never see that player improve as they are looking for excuses rather than addressing the problem, leaving them subject to falling into the same practise once again in a later game.

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There are a number of situations where players who are holding Ace King really need to think about just how they think they stand in terms of the strength and ranking of their poker hand, does it mean that their opponent is behind and looking to bluff their way into winning a pot or is that risk simply too high for the amount of chips that are already within the pot?

For some reason all of the strategy and learning that players put into learning for their assault on the poker tables is soon forgotten when this hand is dealt in a players hole cards and their lack of control leads them to opening themselves up to been exploited and on the end of a painful loss that could well see them crippled by forgetting what an all in play should represent.

The purpose of an all in play is to represent that you are holding a hand that you feel is the strongest possible hand, showing that you are willing to place your entire chip stack on the line to prove that.

Online poker seems to leave players forgetting that fact and with so many poor, weak and inexperienced poker players using the form of betting to try to recover the pot using the fear factor, the play has simply lost the meaning that it was meant to carry.

Next time that you have Ace King in your hole cards, think about how you are going to play the hand a little more, rather than going into auto player mode and assuming that you have the stronger hand, the fact is that a slip up with this hand could well see you heading for the exit.

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