Multi-Table SNG Poker Tips

Multi-Table SNG Poker Tips

At the beginning we are going to give you a short description of the advantages that you will get when you are going to play at more than one Sit and Go poker tournament.

The advantages of Multi table SNGs:

A good time and session management – The most successful online Sit and Go poker players in the world are playing at more than one table at the same time. It makes perfect sense to play at more than one table at the same time as long as the amount of money you win is higher than playing at just one table. This principle can also be applied at the cash games.

Spread your risk on your bankroll by buying at more than one table – So instead of playing a $40+$4 SNG tournament you could play 4 different SNG tournaments where the buy in is just $10. This way your online poker bankroll is going to be a lot more protected from the variance that happens naturally to every online poker player

Have more fun! – While playing at more than one table, you will have more fun and it’s going to be harder for you to get bored this way. For example if you are going to play at 4 tables, you will be seeing 4 times more cards and take 4 times more decisions and in case these are good decisions, you will also be winning 4 times more money. A multi table SNG tournament session can help concentrate more on poker and it’s also going to keep your adrenaline level very high!

Early stage Multi Table SNG Strategy

If you have read in the past strategy guides for Sit and Go poker tournament, you probably already know that at the early stage of a SNG tournament you have to play very very tight. The same concept applies when you are going to play at more than one table. The first poker hands of a SNG tournament will have some very low blinds so in order to conserve your stack you must fold anything except for premium hands that you get. However in case you feel that you are ahead of your competition you should take the chances and take advantage of the situation.

As you are going to continue to play the SNG tournaments at more than one table the level of the blinds is going to raise pretty quick. It’s going to take just 5-10 minutes per level so in maximum 20 minutes you will find yourself at the later stage of the tournaments.

During the moments when you are playing at more than one table we suggest that you start the 3 or 4 tournaments at the same time, in case this is possible. This way you will have to adopt the same type of strategy at all the tables where you are present. This is definitely going to make your life a lot easier and you will have more time to concentrate on the cards than on changing strategy every time you look at a different window where you’re playing.

Later Stage Multi Table SNG Strategy

In case you have managed to build a good stack for yourself, the other players at the tables will start opening up their poker game since the blinds have already started to increase significantly. And as you get near the bubble, the pressure of the blinds is going to make your online poker SNG game very intense. In case you have a good stack compared to the other players you can definitely adopt a semi conservative strategy to be sure that you still have a good amount of chips at the final table with the minimum risk involved from your part.

In case you only have a small stack, you cannot adopt that play since the high blinds are going to kill your stack without the possibility to reach the final table. So in this situation you are going to have to steal some blinds in order to maintain a good level of your stack until you reach the final table.

Final Table Multi Table SNG Strategy

The moment you reach the final table the whole blind pressure is going to be softer, even if the amount of the blinds that you have to play at each game is going to be pretty high.

An important thing that you have to know at the final table is the payout of each SNG tournament that you are playing at the same time, as this is going to affect a lot the way the players will play. The final table should be played in a normal way, for each and every online SNG poker tournament that you are playing. So when you will be down to 3-5 tables you should adopt a short handed poker strategy. And when the tournament will be down to just you and another player you will have to adopt the Heads’Up strategy.


Playing at more than one SNG tournament at the same time can definitely enhance your online poker experience. However we suggest that you stick to the number of tables where you can still manage everything. Your main goal while playing a multi table SNG session is to win and you should stick to that goal by doing everything you can to keep playing a good game of poker. By applying the strategy offered by this short guide you will get the chance to know how to react at different stages of the SNG tournament and to enhance your game of Sit N Go.