Heads Up Poker Tips

Heads Up Poker Tips

Heads up poker action can be seen in every single form of poker game, its seen in specialist tournaments, at the real money ring game tables as well as being the deciding factor of which player is to win a tournament.

With some many uses of the style of poker, to be successful within the game you need to be able to compose yourself in times where you find yourself only playing against one opponent.

Heads up poker strategy is completely different from the standard strategies that are used by millions of poker players because the need to open up your game in order to fight your corner when your opponent is looking to steal your chips from right under you nose.

So what heads up poker advice can we offer to you, allowing you to learn how to make your heads up game stronger and in time, learn how to handle yet another situation that could well lead to you creating more success at the tables?

Broaden your starting hand selection

Unlike when you are playing multi player poker tables, heads up poker offers less opportunity to sit and wait for the premium poker starter hands and so players are forced to play hands that would not usually be considered playable.

In theory, any hand that is played within heads up action has the chance to win a pot, with more than the strength of your own hand coming into factor when making bets.

Previous experiences have revealed that there are a number of players who are willing to call bets in order to see the flop but following them not hitting a card on the flop are only too willing to fold their hand at the next betting stage.

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Position is key

Like in every form of poker, where you are in terms of positioning of the action that is about to happen within the game can alter the way that you are going to approach your hand, it could be that if you are on the button that you are going to call any bet that is placed or the first to act and you want to fold your hand in order to limit damage possibility.

The best strategy that you can exercise at the tables would be that while you are representing the dealer (on the button) your betting play would be aggressive and when first to act, you would carry caution into your decisions.

Semi Bluffing is stronger than a stone cold

Bluffing in heads up poker is very common and so when you are looking to make a bluff you need to be aware that you are likely to be called should your opponent want to see just how honest you are been.

If you are going to look to play a bluff, aim to have something to fall back on should you get a call from your opponent.

Heads up poker bluffs are often called by players who are holding an Ace within their hand, be aware of this if there is an ace on the board.

Failure to make sure that you have some form of strength to fall back on will result in your own downfall, don’t be the reason that you didn’t win.

Adapt your game to suit the conditions

Playing heads up poker means that you have to be able to adapt your game to the best way possible to play against your opponent, learning to counter act against everything that they have to throw at you.

If you are able to counter balance their play, you will find that the times that your opponent is bluffing reduce significantly due to them realising that they are literally giving you free chips from their stack, something that no winning player can do.

Adapting to the game conditions simply means that if you are playing against an ultra aggressive player, you should be looking to tighten up your play into an ultra tight stance, keeping your game strictly to the stronger starting hands in order to make your opponent fall into a trap that will see you disarming them from a large amount of their chips.

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Play within your bankroll

Protecting your poker bankroll is vital as failure to do so will mean that you are unable to play anymore poker without depositing into the action again.

This means that you have to select your stakes in accordance to the funding that you have available to you and playing within that budget while still retaining enough to be able to lose that amount but still have enough funding to be able to try to regain those losses.

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