Heads-Up Limit Hold’em

Heads-Up Limit Hold’em

Fixed limit Texas Holdem heads up one on one matches are fairly easy to beat if you know how to be both loose and tight as well as passive and aggressive. In this article, I will explain why you need to be all these things in one game to win a limit Holdem heads up match.

Playing Tight Aggressive

Some think this is the best strategy going into a heads up match and quickly learn this is not the way to win the limit Holdem heads up game. You will lose far too many chips waiting on premium cards to play. Once you receive premium cards to play 3 things can happen;

1)    The player folds as soon as you raise.

2)    The player rides with you all the way to the river and you win.

3)    The player rides with you all the way to the river and you lose.

If the player does number 1, you don’t make enough chips back to cover all your folding. If the player does number 2, you make a lot of chips back but still not enough to cover all your folding. If player does number 3, well you just put yourself into a hole you may not clam out of. If playing tight aggressive not cutting it, what you think will happen if you play tight passive. You guessed it, you will fold your way to a lost.

Playing Loose Aggressive

Some people do this to force their opponent to fold a lot and try to win the big pots whenever they can by bulling their opponent out of the pot but there is a problem with this method. If you playing against a tight aggressive player then he or she his the nuts against you when their raising right along with you. If the match last long enough that the blinds are high. That one big lost can been you will not come back to win the limit holdem heads up match.

Playing Loose Passive

This method can get you a long way through the one on one match. You will surely play more hands but if you folding every time you opponent is betting or raising you. Then you will not last long in the match. However, by seeing so many flops you will be able to hold your own against your opponent because you will be catching your top pairs and sets. This method forces you to relay on the cards and not on your skills to win the heads up sit n go.

Using All 4 Playing Styles To Win

To use all 4 playing styles to win your heads up sit n go match. You will have to read your opponent and understand which playing style is he or she doing. Once you understand your opponent playing style, you can then decide which playing style is best to crush them. Once you start beating them they will change up playing styles so keep an eye on how they are playing.

This is the perfect way to crush fixed limit Texas Holdem one on one heads up matches. Reading your opponent and allowing him or her to beat themselves. A lot of players only know how to play one or two styles so take advantage of their disadvantage is your best leverage to win.