Common SNG Mistakes

Most Common Sit and Go Poker Mistakes

A Sit and Go is a type of online poker tournaments that is abbreviated to SNG or STT. These tournaments are very common at most online poker rooms out there and they are usually single table tournament of 10 players however there is also sites which offer heads-up, 6-max and even multi-table SNG’s. One of the specific features of these tournaments is the fact that they will start the moment the empty seats are all filled. The most popular version of SNG tournaments has 10 players and it start as soon as 10 people sit at the table.

Sit and Go’s are great for building a bankroll quickly nce you get familiar with the format and structure, however beginner poker players usually make the following SNG mistakes.

Don’t Play Above Your Bankroll

You should always play below your means. It’s not a good idea to move up in stakes unless you have managed to get a good amount of skill and money in your bankroll. Bankroll management is an important key factor at these tournaments. So if you only managed to win just one tournament it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should definitely move up to the next level of stakes.

Summary: Play safe and don’t be afraid to move down to lower stakes.

Don’t Play Too Many Hands

One thing that you can’t afford at a Sit and Go poker tournament is to get broke. The main reason why you can’t do that is because once you run out of chips you are out of the game. If you are going to play too many hands you will have some higher chances of playing hands that are weaker than your opponents. Some experts say that you have to play only 10% of the hands you get at a SNG tournament. In order to be successful you must know how to make a good hand selection.

Summary: Play only premium hands and stay away as much as possible from too many bluffs.

Read your opponents very well when reaching the end

At the beginning of the tournament you can’t possibly know what types of opponents have in front of you, but as you reach towards the end of the tournament and you are near to the bubble, you should definitely be able to read the remaining opponents well. A good memory is going to help you remember how a player reacted in similar situation and this way they will become predictable.

Summary: Read your opponents well and your win rate will increase at the end of the SNG tournament.

Don’t Fail to Defend Your Blinds

A Sit and Go poker tournament should be played with a different approach compared to a normal MTT or a ring game, because here the chips are considered to hold more value. The blinds and antes of a SNG tournament are going to grow very fast and in case you are not going to defend your blinds in an aggressive way, your stack will be the one to suffer and it will lead to an early elimination. In case you want to make it to the bubble at a SNG tournament you must defend your blinds so that the opponent’s attempts to steal them will fail.

Summary: Do your best to defend your blinds and avoid the shortage of your stack.