Play poker against Evander Holyfield

New online poker site Real Deal Poker are offering poker and boxing fans a unique and exciting opportunity – to beat former 5-time World Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield! Don’t worry your task won’t be to beat the boxing legend in the ring – it will be a heads-up match live at ‘Poker in the Park’  in Leicester Square (London, England) on Thursday, September 2, 2010. Not only do you get to face Evander for thousands of dollars, but Real Deal Poker will be covering €600 of the players’ travel and accomodation expenses – what a great opportunity!

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How to qualify

There are three ‘weight classes’ for this special promotion. The weight classes are Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight with the Heavyweight class being the final and the other two classes being satellites to help players qualify much cheaper.

Lightweight Qualifiers – Lightweight qualifiers give players the opportunity to qualify for the €100+€9 Heavyweight final from just €1.50+0.15 by participating in a ten-player SNG tournament where the winner recieves entry to a Middleweight qualifier and the runner-up recieves €2 to have another shot at it. Or if you prefer playing 6-max SNG tournaments you can enter the €5.50+0.50 satellite which rewards the winner with a Middleweight token and the runner-up with €8.

Middleweight Qualifiers – Again there are two ways to qualify from the Middleweight class – a ten-player SNG and a 6-player SNG. The ten-player SNG’s have a buy-in of €13+€1 with the winner getting a ticket to the Heavyweight final and the runner-up earning €21 for their efforts. The 6-player SNG has a buy-in of €23+€2 and the winner will win a seat in the final with the runner-up being awarded €29.

Heavyweight Final – The final is a one-off tournament with a €100+€9 buy-in if you fail to qualify via the other qualifiers and will take place at 8:00pm GMT on Sunday, 22nd August. There will be several places paid but only first-place will win the opportunity to face Evander Holyfield heads-up in London.

Another great thing about this promotion is that even if Evander beats you, you will earn 25% of the prize pool, and if you manage to beat him you will win 75% of the prize pool – you can’t lose!

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