Peter Eastgate Announces Poker Comeback

Peter EastgateIn July 2010  the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate made a shock announcement that he was retiring from poker due to being bored of the game and no longer needing the money, however he has just announced that he is making a comeback and that PokerStars will be sponsoring him for two upcoming poker events.

In his statement announcing his return to poker Eastgate addressed why he left the poker world. He blamed being too much in the spotlight, doing so many interviews, and travelling from tournament to tournament as reasons which wore him down and led to him having no time for friends and family. Since his break he has spent quality time with friends and family and ‘figured out what he wants to do in life’ – presumably play poker since he is now making a comeback, but just not with such a gruelling schedule?

The two events which PokerStars will be sponsoring Eastgate in will be the European Poker Tour Copenhagen stop and the NBC Heads-Up Championship event. EPT Copenhagen is set to begin on February 21st with the final table slotted for the 26th, meanwhile the NBC Heads-Up Championship will run from March 3rd-6th.

In the statement regarding his return to poker, Eastgate also addressed the sale of his 2008 WSOP Main Event bracelet, saying:

“I was not trying to devaluate the WSOP name. It was not sold to make any kind of statement. It was sold to raise money for UNICEF and I am very proud and thankful that the sale raised £100,000 for the organization.”

If you aren’t already aware of the bracelet sale, Eastgate put his 2008 WSOP Main Event bracelet up for sale on auction website Ebay. The winning bid was worth $147,500 and soon after the bracelet had been sold it was revealed that Scottish businessman and poker enthusiast William Haughey was the buyer, claiming he purchased the bracelet because Eastgate was putting the money to good use donating it to charity.

It will be interesting to see how Eastgate performs in the two events PokerStars are sponsoring him in, perhaps he will once again become a Team PokerStars Pro.