Pat Walsh Wins $10k ESPN Bounty Shootout

Pat WalshThis weekend, the $10k ESPN Bounty Shootout event took place at the Bicycle Casino in California, just after The Big Event Main Event series. There was an impressive line-up of players, including 2010 WSOP ME Champion Jonathan Duhamel as well as The Big Event ME Champ Victor Ramdin. In the end, though, veteran poker pro Pat Walsh took down the tournament, after outlasting a field of 81 players, collecting $241,700 for the first place prize money.

Victor Ramdin, who won The Big Event for $500,000 just a few days earlier, would have been disappointed to have been the first player eliminated in 9th place. Ramdin moved all-in pre-flop with big slick but was called by Matt Woodward and Duhamel. Ramdin didn’t hit a pair and Duhamel raked in the pot with a pair of tens.

Shane “Shaniac” Schleger then found pocket tens but his opponent found pocket kings at the same time, eliminating him in 8th place. A short while later, Matt Woodward exited in 7th place when his A-10 lost to John Smith’s K-J.

Next, Ali Eslami from under the gun position opened to 3,200. Jonathan Duhamel made a move, three-bet shoving for 34,600, but Joe Tehan woke up with Ad-10d in the small blind and also shoved all in for 67,000. Eslami folded so both players seeing the flop were all in.

The board came down 10c-4d-3d-8h-Kd giving Tehan a flush and Jonathan Duhamel two pair with Ks-8s, so he was gone in 6th place. Next to go was John Smith, after his K-10 didn’t improve against Keating’s Ac-Qc.

Although Tehan doubled up that hand, he exited in 4th place when his Kc-Qc was up against Walsh’s Ac-Kh. When Alex Keating got eliminated in 3rd place, the heads-up match was to be decided between Pat Walsh and Ali Eslami. Although Walsh had a 4 to 1 chip advantage when it got to heads-up, it still took around three hours before the eventual winner was determined, with Walsh holding 9h-3s up against Eslami’s Jd-7d.

The flop came down 9d-8d-5h giving Eslami a monster draw with the potential flush draw and gut shot, snap calling Walsh’s check-raise on the flop.

Unfortunately for Eslami, the turn and river bricked and he collected $56,000 for runner-up, while Pat Walsh was crowned the ESPN Bounty Shootout champion, and getting a $241,700 pay-day.