PaddyPower Set Chip Stack World Record

PaddyPowerPaddy Power have gotten themselves into the Guinness World Record books after erecting the worlds largest stack of chips to promote the Irish Winter Festival which runs from October 22nd (today), until Monday (25th October) and takes place at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

The chip stack measured 3 metres high and 50 centimetres wide with over 75,000 chips being used, taking five employee’s a total of over 72 hours to complete the record, even having to start from scratch after it collapsed on them once.

In the press release Paddy Power stated the following:

“We had our fair share of wobbles along the way and one complete collapse but we held our nerve and it was definitely worth it for the honor of a Guinness World Record.”

Paddy Power have really went to extra lengths this year and are making the weekend perfect for a family break with magicians, music performances, and even sports stars on show. People will have the opportunity to play against snooker legend Dennis Taylor who will use a broom handle as his cue, and also darts legend Eric Bristow who will play on a rotating darts board but there is also the serious matter of the €1,500 Irish Masters NLHE Freezeout Main Event.

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