Online Poker Screen-names

Its well known that many online poker players place time and thought into their online poker room screen name or alias, with the most famous been Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, a professional poker player who plays his online poker primarily at Full Tilt Poker.

The story that Dwan tells as people ask him why he opted to name his online account ‘durrrr’ is that he was looking to make players angry after they had read his name after losing a hand to him, but does anyone really pay that much attention to the name of the player they are facing off against? The truth is that nobody is able to offer a full draw conclusion on this, leaving many new online poker players split in their decision surrounding what to call their online player.

There are a large number of players who have opted to offer messages within their names in order to try to make others rethink their play when they are facing off against them, with the likes of ‘INeverBluff’ or ‘BottomPair’ already circulating within the online poker scene.

I guess that the only way that you would be able to think about what to do when naming your account would be to think, would you actually take any notice to the name of an opponent other than to make notes on that player?

With so many online poker players fighting to get their hands on some of the funniest and most telling screen names, how do players see your screen name in terms of your play?

To be able to look at this you need to consider what options you have available to you in terms of ways to name your account, so lets have a look at the most common that you will find within the online poker rooms today.

Telling Names

Telling names is a term given to the likes of screen names that are designed to give off information that could well influence an opponent and their betting actions, so the likes of ‘INeverBluff’ leave you thinking that the player could well be telling the truth, meaning that you are going to enter into a pot that they have bet into with a little more caution than you would with a player who opted to have a more relevant name.

Real Names

Although using your real name as the name for your online presence could well be seen as boring and bland, you can’t help but think that it could also offer a desire to get down to business, letting your poker ability do the talking and leaving a no nonsense feel to your poker playing approach.

Many of the professional poker players who play their poker online opt to use their real names rather than an alias but that could well be down to the fact that once you see their name, you offer them the respect that they deserve anyway.

Funny Names

Funny names are often used to draw your attention away from the game that is currently in action, leaving you with a moment of lapsed concentration and the chance to miss something within the play that could well be used to your advantage.

Players don’t create their screen name in order to make you laugh or to leave you thinking that you will remember that name at a later point, they are there to make you feel that the play isn’t solely focused on their poker play and instead are playing the game for the fun factor rather than the chance to earn a good profit playing the game, something that can soon become apparent as not being true.

There are so many possibilities that are open to you when selecting your screen name for an online poker room and you need to think about what image you want to portray for yourself while you are playing at the tables.

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