ODESSA99 Wins Record UB.com Jackpot

UB.comAn online poker player from New York has reasons to celebrate after the record-breaking UB.com Bad Beat Jackpot of over 1 million dollars had been released on Monday, February 28th.

The hand occurred in the late evening, when ODESSA99’s quad Queens were cracked by his opponent’s quad Kings. For losing the hand, ODESSA99 collected $340,875.15, which was the lion’s share of the over $1 million dollar jackpot.

“I actually dreamt a few days before that I lost with queens, so it really is a dream come true! I just want to thank UB. Without this site and its Bad Beat Jackpot, I would not have had this opportunity, and I will be using my money wisely to help my family out, save for my young son’s college education, and put him through private school,” said ODESSA99 after realizing the Bad Beat Jackpot went off.

When the bad beat hand took place, there were nine players at the same table and the prize money was distributed to all of these players. The winner of the hand, FARFLUNG picked up the second biggest sum of money, $170,813.62, while the 7 other players at the table were given $1,150.42 each. In addition, it was a great day for all the other players who were playing at the same stakes and game, with all of them collecting a minimum of $150.42 each.

There have already been 14 players who have hit the Bad Beat Jackpot this year, and with the most recent Jackpot it brings this year’s BBJ prize money to just under $2 Million which has been given to players across the CEREUS Poker Network. Ever since the introduction of the Bad Beat Jackpot at UB.com and Absolute Poker, thousands of online poker players have shared in a total of $61,774,438.56.

Bad Beat Jackpot games require an additional $0.50 to be collected from each qualifying hand which is placed into a constantly growing pot. For a bad beat to qualify a player is required to have quad Eights or better.

Enormous Bad Beat Jackpots are common place at the CEREUS Poker Network, and there has been a number of monster jackpots close to the million-dollar mark go off. Now the BBJ was cracked again, 25% of the BBJ will be used to fund the new jackpot, which currently stands at $299,732.95 at the time of this writing.