Octavian Voegele Wins ANZPT Adelaide 2011

Octavian VoegeleA record number of entrants paid the AUD$2,400 buy-in for the Main Event of the 2011 PokerStars.net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour as 253 players participated in the event at the Adelaide Casino. Due to the number of entrants there were two starting days and the top 27 players would all cash. The minimum cash amount was AUD$4,140 while there was AUD$148,900 reserved for first place as well as the Championship trophy.

Despite it being a record field for the event, it was a familiar face who managed to claw his way through the field to claim victory – Octavian Voegele. Voegele began on Day 1B and finished the day as chip leader with 159,600 chips, then on Day 2 he improved his stack to finish the day with 178,200 chips, and on Day 3 he once again finished as chip leader holding 1,088,000 giving him the advantage for the final table (which only featured Australian players). This was actually his second consecutive ANZPT Main Event final table after he finished in third place for AUD$59,600 last year.

Oliver Gruijic was the first player eliminated from the final table after he moved all-in preflop holding 1010 only for Ian Parnell to call with KK and with the board of A63J9, Gruijic was out in 9th place for AUD$11,040.

Danny Chevalier was next to go, eliminated in 8th place for AUD$14,060. Chevalier was in the big blind and called a minimum raise under the gun from Jesse McKenzie. The flop fell Q85 to which Chevalier checked, only for McKenzie to bet 54,000, and Chevalier then moved all-in and received the called. Both players revealed their hands with Chevalier holding QJ and McKenzie held AA. The turn of 8 was revealed and then the A on the river gave McKenzie a full-house to eliminate Chevalier.

The next player to be eliminated was Jeff Rossiter. Rossiter moved all-in preflop holding 99 but was called by Charles Caris who had him dominated with KK. The flop came AK4 and the turn of Q and river of 5 sealed Rossiter’s fate, seeing him finish in 7th place for AUD$19,030.

John Apostolidis was then sent to the rail in dramatic fashion. Jesse McKenzie raised to 60,000 chips, only for Apostolidis to reraise to 140,000 chip. McKenzie moved all-in and received the call from Apostolidis. Both players then revealed their cards with McKenzie holding 1010 which was dominated by Apostolidis’s AA. However the flop of 1062 crushed Apostolidis’ hopes of doubling up, and the turn of 9 and the Q on the river sealed his fate, meaning Apostilidis was out in 6th place for AUD$27,570.

Octavian Voegele then moved all-in preflop holding QQ and received the call from Charles Caris who was holding AK. The flop of QJ6 sent Voegele even further into the lead, the the turn of 5 was revealed, and the A on the river was too little too late for Caris who was eliminated in 5th place for AUD$35,850.

In 4th place for AUD$44,670 was Andrew Dales. Dales raised and was reraised all-in by Jesse McKenzie, to which he called. Both players then revealed their cards with Dales holding KQ, finding himself dominated by Jesse McKenzie’s AQ. The flop came 762 and the turn of A sealed victory, with the 9 on the river being meaningless.

Missing out on heads-up was Ian Parnell who moved all-in on the big blind after a raise by Voegele, to which Voegele called. Parnell then showed his A9 and Voegele flipped over his AA. The board of Q736Q helped neither player and saw Parnell finish in 3rd place for AUD$55,150.

On the final hand of the tournament both players Octavian Voegele and Jesse McKenzie) limped in to see the flop of 964. Voegele then bet 50,000, McKenzie reraised to 150,000, and Voegele then reraised to 400,000 only for McKenzie to move all-in to which Voegele called. Both players revealed their hands with Voegele holding 64 for two pair putting him ahead of McKenzie who held 95 for top pair. The turn of Q and river of J brought no help for McKenzie, meaning Octavian Voegele was the 2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event winner for AUD$148,900.

2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event Final Table Results (Winnings in AUD)

1st was Octavian Voegele winning $148,900
2nd was Jesse McKenzie winning $99,260
3rd was Ian Parnell winning $55,150
4th was Andrew Dales winning $44,670
5th was Charles Caris winning $35,850
6th was John Apostolidis winning $27,570
7th was Jeff Rossiter winning $19,300
8th was Danny Chevalier winning $14,060
9th was Oliver Grujic winning $11,040