NordicBet Poker Jackpot Won Twice In 24hrs

NordicBet PokerIn a remarkable turn of events, the bad beat jackpot at NordicBet Poker was recently hit twice in a 24-hour time period. It is normal for the bad bad jackpot to go off once every few weeks, but after not being hit for several weeks, the bad beat jackpot on the Microgaming Poker Network rose to a huge $390,804.

On Saturday, 12th February at around 6:00am U.K. time, NordicBet player “4447470” was playing at a short handed ring game table when he was dealt pocket tens. His opponent, NordicBet Player “epohon” entered the pot with suited club broadway cards. In an unbelievable poker hand which couldn’t have been scripted any better, “4447470” ended up making quad tens on the river, but his elation was brief, because he ended up losing to “epohon’s” Royal Flush.

However, it didn’t take long for “4447470” to realize that the Microgaming Network’s Bad Beat Jackpot had been released, and all that was left to do was to collect a six-figure sum of money. In total, “4447470” won an incredible $195,403 for hitting the bad beat jackpot and if making a Royal Flush and cracking quads wasn’t enough, “epohon” also won $97,701 for his share of the Bad Beat prize pool. In addition, “wemser66” and “Greenkeper,” who were the two other players at the short handed cash game table, both collected $48,850 for being seated at the same table when the sick bad beat took place.

As you can imagine, the player “4447470” was ecstatic with collecting the Microgaming Network’s Bad Beat Jackpot after receiving the horrible beat, commenting:

“I knew that my four of a kind tens weren’t enough to beat my opponent’s Royal Flush, although when I looked moments later, I saw notification of my win and realized that I had hit the Bad Beat Jackpot and start screaming. I still can’t believe I won. Now, I think it’s time to relax before taking my place back at the poker table.”

However, it was only a short while after the Microgaming Network ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot was reset, that another incredible bad beat occurred at another NordicBet Poker cash game table the very next day, this time for $79,985.

On Sunday, 13th February at around 1:30am U.K. time, NordicBet player “papa45” was dealt quad jacks which were beaten by NordicBet player “zebro74’s” straight flush. For being on the losing end of the sick bad beat, “papa45” collected $39,992 and “zebro74” won $19,996. In addition, $4,999 was given to the four remaining players for being seated at the same table.

In total, the Microgaming Network Bad Beat Jackpot paid out an impressive $470K over the weekend.