MyPokerCard deposit option for UK poker players

If you’re an online poker player in the UK then it just became a lot easier for you to fund your online poker account. A new service known as “MyPokerCard” has opened up to poker players from the UK only. If you’ve ever had a deposit denied or you’re worried about giving your banking details out to online poker operators then MyPokerCard is set-up with you in mind.

Overview of  MyPokerCard

The MyPokerCard is in reality a Prepaid Gold MasterCard that you can use to fund your online poker account. You simply need to register for the card and then fund it using your debit card or cash to play for real-money at the best poker sites. You will never have another one of your online poker deposits denied again and you won’t need to send your banking details out to another poker room again.

There are a lot of security features on MyPokerCard as well, which will protect you against fraud. As long as you use your card as specified by the service then they protect all of your money from fraud. If your card is used without your permission and you had nothing to do with the unauthorized use of your card then the money taken from your card will be replaced and you’ll be issued a brand new card.

Since you can fund your MyPokerCard with cash you don’t need to leave any footprints to your credit cards or debit cards. You can also withdraw money from your online poker account directly to your card, which takes the hassle out of receiving a cheque every time you want money from your poker account. You can also use your MyPokerCard anywhere that you can use a MasterCard to pay for shopping, bills and much more.

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Funding Your MyPokerCard

As I mentioned above you can fund your MyPokerCard using your debit card or cash. If you’d like to pay cash for topping up your card then you just need to visit one of the 12,000 Postal Office branches throughout the UK. You can deposit up to £500 daily onto your MyPokerCard at any of the qualifying postal offices and can have a maximum balance of £5,000 at any one time.

Registering Your MyPokerCard

If you live in the UK and you think the idea of being secured while playing online poker is a good idea then registering for your own MyPokerCard is simple. You need to visit the website and register your details for your card. There is a £10 charge for your MyPokerCard although there is a way to earn a free card. If you buy your MyPokerCard and then use it to sign-up and deposit to Cool Hand Poker they’ll deposit the £10 you paid for your card directly into your account however I would not recommend this because their poker bonus is very tough to clear!

There have already been over 500,000 MyPokerCard’s sold in the UK and that number is sure to rise as the word gets out about this wonderful service. For those of you that don’t live in the UK you don’t need to fret just yet. The MyPokerCard team is working on expanding their target market and hope to be available in other parts of Europe shortly. I don’t expect the MyPokerCard to become available in North America for little while, but they do have plans on bringing the card over here in the future.