Mike Hill Leads UKIPT Nottingham After Day 2

Mike HillYesterday was another action-packed day in the UK and Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event as the 215 players who made it through Day 1 of the event took their seats hoping to make it deep. The day saw 12 levels played with 203 players being eliminated, leaving just 12 players to recommence play today in the hope of becoming 2011 UKIPT Nottingham Champion for first-place prize money of £109,000.

Sam Macdonald finished Day1B as chip leader, followed by Luke Fields, and then by Day 1A chip leader Dave Colclough, however none of them managed to make it through Day 2. Fields was looking very dominant in the early stages of the day enjoy great fortune as he would flop straights, however he lost two big pots while holding pocket sixes and eventually he found himself eliminated in 36th place for £2,120. Macdonald ended up busting out in 26th place for £2,380 and he will surely be disappointed after entering the day as chip leader, meanwhile Dave ‘El Blondie’ Colclough busted out in 17th place for £2,645.

Chris Dowling and Italian Romano Pizzo were also chip leaders throughout the day and while they made it through to tomorrow, they will be chasing Mike Hill who will enter as chip leader holding 2,422,000 chips.

Mike Hill is a Bookmaker by profession and is no stranger to the UK and Ireland Poker Tour. Last year he made two final tables and finished third in the Season 1 UKIPT Leaderboard, with Chris Brammer and Owen Robinson respectively. It is looking like Hill is going to make another impressive finish on the UKIPT Leaderboard, because already this season he has finished 25th in UKIPT Galway and no-one should overlook him as he enters the final twelve with the most chips.

Throughout the whole day Hill was involved in pots against Romano Pizzo and in one of the hands he managed to make Pizzo fold Ace-Jack to his pocket tens preflop. Soon after this his pocket Kings held up against Paul Nash’s pocket Queens, and his domination continued when he flopped a set of fives to eliminate Dutchman Nick Bemmel in 15th place for £3,060.

2011 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Chip Counts

Mike Hill – 2,422,000
Tim Bettingen – 1,908,000
David Heaton – 1,893,000
Khoa Nguyen – 1,708,000
Romano Pizzo – 1,673,000
Gareth Walker – 1,320,000
Chris Dowling – 1,172,000
Sean Fitzpatrick – 1,103,000
Thomas Rolfe – 888,000
Ian Gilchrist – 580,000
Brett Angell – 555,000
Nick Slade – 500,000

The final twelve players take their seats once again at 4pm today (Monday) where they will all be hoping to win the £109,000 for first-place and be crowned 2011 UKIPT Nottingham Champion. As always, stay tuned to PokerBonusHub.com for the latest from the event!