Michael Tureniec Wins EPT Copenhagen 2011

Michael TureniecDay 5 of the European Poker Tour Copenhagen event saw Michael Tureniec take down the title. He had to beat 448 players in order to be crowned champion and to collect the DKK 3,700,000 (nearly €500,000) first place prize money.

The final table was an extremely volatile affair. The chip lead changed several times throughout the final day. John Eames got off to an explosive start, managing to double up straight away when he decided to three-bet from the small blind with pocket kings. Nikolas Liakos was a non believer and decided to shove all-in, but he was snap-called and could only show QJ. He was the first player sent to the rail.

Just two hands later Eames was dealt pocket kings again. This time he eliminated Juha Helppi in eighth place. Helppi ended up five-bet shoving with pocket queens.

It really seemed as though there were more then four kings in the deck when Eames picked up Ks-Kd the same time as Italian pro Andrea Dalle Molle moved his short stack all-in preflop. He racked up his second knockout in less than half an hour.

Tureniec then busted Danish pro Mudassar Khan in sixth place with pocket fives against Khan’s AJ which held up. Khan was the only amateur player left in the tournament.

Liakos had been short stacked and eventually was knocked out in fifth place, with Tureniec taking his chips in the process, moving into second place when it was four-handed.

Then Tureniec flopped three tens on a Tc-Ts-7h flop, and continued betting on every street, moving all-in on the river to put Iacofano at risk. Iacofano ended up calling with A7, finishing in fourth place for DKK 1,000,000 (€134,000).

The three-handed play was between Linde, Eames and Tureniec, with all of them very capable of taking down the tournament. There was a point where all of the players had similar sized stacks, and in the end it came down to the classic race between the pocket queens of Eames and the big slick of Tureniec. The turn brought a king and the river card another king, which saw Eames down to just ten big blinds. Eames was eventually eliminated just a few hands later.

The heads up match was between Tureniec and Linde, with Tureniec having more then double the amount of chips. With two Swedes battling it out it was inevitable that a Swede was going to be the winner. The aggression wasn’t toned down during the heads-up play, with many three-bet pots. Slowly Tureniec started to gain momentum which saw his stack grow, and Linde moved all-in for all of his chips in two different hands, but Tureniec lost both all-ins.

The pace slowed down dramatically for a while, before Per Linde’s hand of pocket sevens was called by the AJ of Tureniec. After four hours of heads up action, it was going to be a coin flip to decide the eventual winner. Fortunately for Tureniec, there was a jack on the turn, and his hand held up, giving him bragging rights for becoming the 2011 EPT Copenhagen champion.