Lucien Cohen Wins EPT Deauville 2011

Lucien CohenThe latest stop on the PokerStars European Poker Tour was Deauville which once again proved to be a great success. The Main Event (which had a €5,000+€300 buy-in) attracted a field of 891 players to create a prize pool of €4,276,800. This meant the top 128 players would cash, with €880,000 set aside for first place.

In the end it was Frenchman Lucien Cohen, who owns a pest control company in Paris, who proved victorious. Throughout the tournament he used a plastic rat as his card protector, and after he won the tournament he got a larger version of the rat to pose for the media.

When play began it was PokerStars qualifiers and online poker professionals Martin Jacobson and Alex Wice who the media were focused on, feeling that it would be one of these two players who would prove victorious.

When final table play began it didn’t take long for the first elimination as Ukranian Ruslan Prydryk (who entered the final table as the short stack) lost a flip to Frenchman Julien Claudepierre, meaning he finished in 8th place for a payday of €66,800.

A short time later the two favourites (Alex Wice and Martin Jacobson) at the final table tangled with each other in a massive pot. Latvian player Kaspars Renga found himself all-in for his last 640,00 and with his tournament life in the balance he found himself being a spectator as sparks flew between Jacobson and Wice. After a flop of J107, the turn of 8 came leading to Jacobson betting one million chips and getting the call from Wice. The river of K was then revealed to which Jacobson bet two million, only for Wice to move all-in. Jacobson only had around two million chips left and thought for a while before laying down his pocket tens (meaning he had a set of tens), which proved to be the right call after Wice revealed his AQ for the straight. He had to split the main pot though because Renga held AQ to give him a straight as well.

Wice was then beginning to look unstoppable as he eliminated Anthony Hnatow in 7th place for €110,000. Wice held 68 and managed to crack Hnatow’s Aces. However his run didn’t last long and the chip-lead changed hands several times with Wice, Jacobson and Cohen all in the mix with six players remaining.

Wice and Jacobson then continued their domination as they eliminated the next three players. Wice eliminated Belgian player Kenny Hallaert in 6th place for €155,000 when his pocket tens held up against Hallaert’s pocket fours. Jacobson then eliminated Kaspars Renga in 5th place for €200,000 when his 58 beat Renga’s A7. Wice then found himself up against Claudepierre holding QJ to find himself dominated by Claudepierre’s A5. However a Jack hit on the flop and with no help on the turn or river, Claudepierre found himself eliminated for €260,000.

Play was now down to three-handed and it took quite some time for the next elimination. After muliple bets and raises against Wice, Cohen moved all-in holding QQ and received an instant call from Wice who held AQ. The board ran dry with seven-high and meant Wice exited the tournament in 3rd place for €330,000 after looking so dominant throughout the final table.

Cohen now held a 3:1 chip advantage for heads-up play against Jacobson and after several hands, Jacobson moved all-in holding 67 to which Cohen called holding AK. The board of 10933J was revealed, meaning Cohen’s Ace-high was good enough to win the pot and the tournament. Congratulations to Lucien Cohen – the 2011 EPT Deauville Main Event Champion!

EPT Deauville Main Event Final Table Results

1st was Lucien Cohen winning €880,000
2nd was Martin Jacobson winning €560,000
3rd was Alex Wice winning €330,000
4th was Julien Claudepierre winning €260,000
5th was Kaspars Renga winning €200,000
6th was Kenny Hallaert winning €155,000
7th was Anthony Hnatow winning €110,000
8thth was Ruslan Prydryk winning €66,800