Jungleman12 Extends Durrrr Challenge Lead

Daniel 'jungleman12' CatesOn Tuesday, the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge continued between two superstars in the high stakes online poker world, that of Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates.

It was a relatively short session with only 348 hands played, with Cates increasing his overall lead to $941,000. There has now been a total of 17,456 hands played in the Durrrr Challenge of a prerequisite 50,000 hands.

There seemed to be a lack of interest the poker community for this heads-up match, perhaps due to the previous session taking place back in January.

In response to the challenge’s slow progress, Dwan hinted on Twitter that the remaining hands of the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge against Cates should be completed quicker. “Been rly busy. Completely my fault it’s taken so long and I feel bad. Done soon.”

In one hand during the session, Dwan opened to $1,200 and Cates three-bet to $4,000. Dwan called and the flop came down 8-9-6 with a potential flush draw out there with two diamonds. Interestingly, despite three-betting pre-flop, Cates decided to check and Dwan bet $4,800. Cates then check-raised to $10,800 and Dwan moved all-in for around $50,000 and Cates made the call. When the cards were revealed Dwan held pocket sevens for a pair and open-ended straight draw, while Cates held K-J both diamonds for two over cards and a flush draw.

The board was run twice. The first board came down 8h-9s giving the pot to Cates with a better two pair. The second board was also favorable to Cates, as he hit the Kh on the river. Cates raked in huge $80,000 pot, with the hand increasing his lead by another $122,000.

The match between these two players began in August last year and it generated a lot if interest in the online poker community at the time. “Durrrr” suggested the plan was to complete the 50,000 hands against Cates before the start of the WSOPE in September. Much like the Antonius Million Dollar Challenge, that didn’t happen, and we are now 7 months into the current challenge. Hopefully the rest of the challenge doesn’t take as long as the first 17,000 hands did.

Commenting on Tuesday’s short two sessions, Cates said on Twitter, “Durrrr Challenge in 5…4…” Then he tweeted, “Played for 10 mins or so, Durrrr says he will brb, but has disappeared? gg?” After around 30 minutes, Dwan had returned to the Full Tilt Poker cash tables and the session was completed.