Jonathan Duhamel wins 2010 WSOP Main Event

Jonathan DuhamelThe World Series of Poker Main Event has finally come to a close following a long awaited final table that saw a complete mixture of professional and amateur players locking horns to fight it out for the huge $8.9million first place payout.

The final table was set months in advance but the true interest in the tournament took place only a matter of hours ago, the heads up competition between tournament favourite Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener.

The action was hosted at the Rio All-suite Hotel and Casino to ensure that the tournament got the complete excitement that comes with a tournament series as big as the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

The action didn’t have to last too long due to the sheer size of the chip lead that Canadian pro player Duhamel took into the game, with 188million chips firmly stacked in front of him as the action started.

The fact that Duhamel was seated with some many chips in front of him not only shows that he has proven to be the better player in the tournament but also the sheer size of the starting field of players that took part in the tournament.

The heads up play lasted only 43 hands before the tournament drew to a close, Jonathan Duhamel taking the title and the winner’s bracelet following yet another strong poker showing.

The final hand came as Duhamel used his chip lead to his advantage, placing too much pressure on his opponent for him to be able to fold his hand and so following the chip leaders decision to push all in with his AJ, Racener could do nothing but call with his K8.

The board ran dry for both players after showing 94465.

The dry flop meant that the ace high strength hand was strong enough for Duhamel to complete his sweep of the tournament and gain his crown from the WSOP Main Event.

Racener cashed $5,545,955 for his second place finish in the tournament to which he will be very pleased with after admitting a couple of days ago that was surprised that he was participating in the heads up section of the tournament, admitting that he was shocked by the remaining players who opted to become reckless with their play in a bid to increase their chip stacks, leaving Racener with an almost clear path into the final two.

During the crowning ceremony that followed the final hand of the tournament, Duhamel seemed to be in complete shock of his success, still managing to issue a comment to all those who had supported him, “Thank you to everybody for being here, it’s a dream come true. I don’t know what to think… I don’t know what to say.” Duhamel will now be looking to defend his title at the 2011 WSOP.