Jason Mercier wins Event 42 of WCOOP 2010

Jason Mercier has finally got his wish – to win a WCOOP event. He won Event 42 of the PokerStars WCOOP series which was a $1,050 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament which attracted 3,122 players to create a prize pool of $3,122,000. Mercier is no stranger to winning tournaments, specifically live events, with almost $5million in live tournament winnings according to the HendonMob database, meanwhile the BluffMagazine database states he has now won around $1million. Earlier in the week Mercier made a blog post on PokerStars stating he would be playing as many WCOOP events as possible while he is in London for the 2010 WSOPE but stressed the fact that he wanted to win one and his disappointment that he has never even final tabled a WCOOP tournament and now he has.

It was a final-table full of stars and two of them were PokerStars-sponsored pros (Jason Mercier and Chad Brown) as well as Dani Stern who is a member of Doyle Brunson’s ‘Brunson 10’. Brown was eliminated in 9th place after he shoved all-in with top-two pair on the turn after bastet2004 made the nut straight.

Once play got down to three-handed the players made the following deal, leaving $15,000 aside for the runner-up and $60,000 for the winner.

Jason Mercier $375,862.07
loooser17 $367,500.80
osten $302,435.13

Mercier soon had loooser17 all-in with loooser17 holding 1010 beating the AK held by Mercier. However the board of AQ42K sent loooser17 out in third place and left it between Mercier and osten to battle it out for the extra $60,000 and WCOOP bracelet. On the very final hand Mercier flopped trip fours and was able to get osten all-in holding two-pair to seal the victory and his first WCOOP win.

Full Results of WCOOP Event 42 $1,050 buy-in NLHE

1st was Jason Mercier winning $435,862.07

2nd was osten winning $317,435.13

3rd was loooser17 winning $367,500.80

4th was DHUSTLER15 winning $179,515.00

5th was APerfectGent winning $135,807.00

6th was TeamWispy winning $104,587.00

7th was bastet2004 winning $73,367.00

8th was Dani “supernova9” Stern winning $42,209.44

9th was Chad Brown winning $26,537.00

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