Intrastate Poker Bill Introduced in Nevada

NevadaThere is never a dull moment in the online poker sector. On Thursday, a new internet poker bill was introduced in Nevada state assembly which looks to be the most promising poker bill to date.

Online poker rooms like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker that accept U.S. players seem to benefit greatly from the bill, mentioning that it would not discriminate against existing online gaming operators.

The PPA executive director John Pappas said that PokerStars is fully supporting the bill. It goes without saying they would be in good position to acquire a license to operate should the bill pass.

“Nevada wants to be on the forefront of this,” Pappas said. “They saw what’s happening in New Jersey and said, ‘Anything you can do, we can do better.'”

Many of the associated problems for poker players discussed previously had Harry Reid’s bill been passed, which included the exclusion of existing operators, are no longer an issue with the new Nevada bill.

According to the new bill it also mentions that “The Nevada Gaming Commission is authorized to enter into compacts with other jurisdictions where interactive gaming is not prohibited.” The proposed changes to this bill could help silence opponents of online gambling legislation to legalize and regulate online poker, as there would be increases in player liquidity, as a result of the bill.

“Some of the issues regarding liquidity are much better addressed in this legislation than any other state legislation,” Pappas said. “They are not seeking to exclude anybody. They are seeking an open, competitive license system and I think that is in the best interest of the consumer. We are honestly inclined to be favorable to this legislation but we have not yet made an official position.” Pappas said.

The bill already is running into opposition from Caesars Entertainment, who also strongly opposed the New Jersey bill while pushing for a federal solution. New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak said he believed the gaming giants’ opposition was one of the big reasons the New Jersey bill was vetoed.

Those who strongly support this bill are looking to create more then just an intrastate poker infrastructure in Nevada. The ultimate plan would be to build a national Internet poker network, allowing other states to join the network being offered by Nevada to bring in tax revenue with no start-up capital as a requirement.

“Our strong preference remains a federal solution for this,” Pappas said. Even if Nevada was to pass a bill this year, there would still be a problem in the other 49 states.