Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies wins $113k

Ilari 'Ziigmund' SahamiesIlari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies has been having a rough time at the poker tables over the recent months, seeing his poker winnings being passed to his opponents on almost a regular basis but we are pleased to inform you that his luck seems to have changed.

The Finnish professional poker player had a good night at the tables on Full Tilt Poker last night, winning $113,000 from a number of players during his session, most notable being Niki ‘KaiBuxxe’ Jedlicka.

The Finn has been involved in a $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha game against Jedlicka according to and they report that the fallen pro seems to have turned his luck around, ending his session $113,000 richer.

The biggest win of the action for Ziigmund saw him rake $67,693 in one hand after being able to overcome his opponent by hitting a straight.

Ziigmund entered into the hand with 8QK9 while his opponent looked down at 86910.

The betting action sped up as the board brought 10J5, both players showing a willing to invest heavily into their hand creating a very handsome pot to say the least.

The turn and river cards fell in Ziigmund’s favour and he was able to take down the hand and the pot amount attached to it.

The session in which Sahamies ended with a profit of $113,000 lasted 1,000 hands, a good amount for any player to have played within one straight session.

Ziigmund was not the only winner last night either, there were a number of well known online poker players that also cashed out of their sessions with considerable profit, such as ‘Arbianight’ who ended his session at the top of the daily leader board of profits after winning $133,000, ‘DrugsOrMe’ finished with a profit of $108,000 and ‘Bttech86’ left the action with $72,000 extra in his account.

It seems that last night was the night of the bigger names of poker to find their feet again after a recent hard run, Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen also continued his form, winning $33,000 at the close of his session meaning that this month alone his profit so far is believed to be around the $400,000 mark.

Although there were a number of winning players who cashed big from their session, Cardrunners instructor Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates will have wished that he didn’t even log into the online poker world last night after having a tough session in which he lost $170,000, a drop in the ocean from his claimed poker earnings so far this year which has been priced at $4 million so far.