Guy Laliberte rumoured to be playing on PokerStars

Guy LalibertePoker news reports have been released linking Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte with a return to the high stakes online poker cash-games, this time playing on PokerStars.

Laliberte is an avid poker player and has a passion for online gambling, so much so that he used to be linked to Full Tilt Poker during recent years but after dropping a fortune on the site, it seems that he has now switched poker sites and instead plays on PokerStars these days.

Using three different screen names, Laliberte managed to lose around $20 million during his time at the Full Tilt Poker tables and it seems that the losses have not knocked the billionaire’s interest in the game because he hasn’t been active on the site for some time now.

Making his money from his Cirque du Soleil empire, Laliberte has experienced a great amount of wealth during the previous years and it seems that with so much money sitting in his bank account, he wants to enjoy spending it through his passion of online poker.

Following a session that took his losses to the $20 million mark, all three of his alias’s became inactive at the poker site, that was until ‘noataima’ turned back up at a 25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha table at PokerStars, signalling that the billionaire could be back in action once again.

Although the billionaire has seemingly returned to the online poker felts, his luck seems to still be the same, losing just $5,000 in only a matter of hands while playing against two Norwegian regulars, Johnny Lodden and Andreas ‘skjervoy’ Torbergson.

Although the report can not confirm that ‘noataima’ is actually Guy Laliberte, the data in which we can source does lead to that conclusion, the account having Montreal, Canada set as his location, the same location that Laliberte is located. One thing we are sure of is that he wouldn’t have been too fussed about the 100% up to $600 poker bonus that all new PokerStars players are rewarded.

A closer look at the account through shows that the account was created back in November last year and has so far lost $18,000 at the tables, a small sum of money for a billionaire however it is his inactivity that has surprised people because he used to be a regular on Full Tilt.

The news that the billionaire could well be back in the online gambling scene will alert a number of high stack players who reside within the Full Tilt Poker catalogue of games because his play seems to signify that his playing style is more about fishing for the right hand than waiting patiently for the right time to play.

Although the Canadian has lost $20 million over the recent years within the online poker industry, he has still managed to bank himself at least one strong poker finish within his career, finishing in fourth place in the World Poker Tour (WPT) season finale at the Bellagio, Las Vegas for which he banked $700,000.