Gus Hansen wins $1.2 Million in 2 Weeks!

Gus HansenIt has been a rollercoaster year for Gus Hansen at the high-stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker, finding himself down a staggering $3.6 million for 2010 alone, however in the last 2 weeks he has been on a massive heater and managed to win $1.2 million at the online tables. Gus now finds himself down $2.4 million for the year and with just around 10 weeks until the year is over, he will be hoping he can continue his hot streak and post a profit for the year.

Of course, where there is a winner there is a loser and the player who took the biggest hit from Gus was Luukie21 on Wednesday evening as he found himself crushed by him for $595k.

The Dane played a 2,146 hand session on Wednesday where he played $200/$400 PLO, $500/$1,000 Seven-Card Stud and $1,000/$2,000 H.O.R.S.E, however the biggest action occured at the $500/$1,000 heads up PLO tables where he took on unknown player Luukie21. (Full Tilt Poker offer the highest stake tables available online, for ore info read our Full Tilt Poker review).

Prior to this session Luukie21 was beginning to make a name for himself having a profit of $200k for the week taking on the worlds best high stakes players however Gus brought an end to that streak leaving him with a hole of $595k, and despite winning a little back from other players Luukie21 ended the day down $480k.

Despite Gus still finding himself down a massive $2.4 million, he is actually not the biggest loser of the year. That honor goes to Brian Townsend who finds himself down $2.5 million however he also has a second account – ‘sbruby’ and that account is lso down $1.5 million so his combined losses for the year are actually around $4 million for the year.