Gus Hansen Makes Comeback With $322k Win

Gus HansenIt appears as though Gus Hansen cannot stop winning on the virtual felt in 2011. On Tuesday, the Team Full Tilt Red Pro made a $322k comeback, making him sit comfortably at the top of the leaderboard, and miles ahead of anyone else this year.

Since autumn of last year, Hansen has managed to completely turn his game around, after dropping millions in 2010. For the start of 2011 and for the previous 6 months, he is the biggest winner online, with his profits coming from high stakes PLO, NLHE and draw games.

Earlier this week Hansen lost over $500k to “O Fortuna PLS” playing 2-7 Triple Draw. That didn’t stop him from taking to the $500/$1,000 PLO tables on Tuesday, taking more than $150K from Arbianight.

Hansen then played fellow Scandinavian Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen and in about 300 hands proceeded to win another $172k before calling it a session.

With this hefty boost to his bankroll, Hansen’s profits from online poker are now up to $3.2 million for 2011. Considering just how bad last year was for The Great Dane the turnaround has been quite remarkable.

In an interview to, Hansen revealed the main reason for his change in fortunes to put him back into the spotlight after a year he’d rather forget.

“PLO is probably the most streaky form of poker, and I have definitely been lucky in these games lately. But I also feel that I have become better at the game, better at varying my own game and more patient in the decisive situations,” Hansen said.

Commenting on the reason PLO is his main game, Hansen said:

“I’m currently sticking to the PLO CAP games because I’ve being doing well in these, and as they say, never change a winning game. The variance is smaller, and besides that I don’t see the reason to play pots of 2, 3 or $400,000 that are often decided by a coinflip,”

Another big winner on Tuesday was NoParasan, who turned a profit of $204k in about 1,000 hands of $100/$200 and $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha. It’s unclear exactly who NoParasan is but what is known is the player has won  more than $1 million this year playing against some of the elite high stakes players in the online poker world. The same day, other big winners included Kpederson for $101k, Cole South for 59k and FinnishNightmre for around $57k.