Gregory Brooks Wins L.A. Poker Classic 2011

Gregory BrooksThe final day of the 2011 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic $10,000 Main Event took place yesterday where an eventual winner was determined. That honor went to Gregory Brooks, taking home $1,654,120 for first place prize money.

There were two former WPT title winners at the final table in Carlos Mortensen and Vivek Rajkumar. Mortensen finished in third-place which grew his WPT earnings to $6,394,988 and put his total career earnings to over $10 million. Rajkumar had an even better day, finishing in second place.

Gregory Brooks showed plenty of resolve to overcome two big-name professional poker players on his road to be crowned champion, showing no signs of intimidation at the final table with his constant aggression.

The first player to get eliminated was Darryll Fish, after moving all-in preflop with Q-T for 1,230,000 after Carlos Mortensen raised from the cutoff position. Mortensen made the call with pocket queens and although a ten in the door gave Fish some hope, it wasn’t to be and he was eliminated in sixth place for $235,530.

Steve Gross got the remaining of his chips into the middle preflop with Js-Ts and Vivek Rajkumar made the call with Ac-3s. The board came down Kd-Ks-9h-7s-4c and Gross was eliminated in fifth place for $304,000.

Amir Lehavot called an all-in check raise against Vivek Rajkumar with K-Q on a board of J-9-6 and Rajkumar showed pocket Queens. The turn and rive was a 4 and 3, respectively, and Lehavot was eliminated in fourth place for $421,680.

Then former WPT title winner Carlos Mortensen opened to 200,000 from the button with K-J and both Vivek Rajkumar and Gregory Brooks made the call. The flop came down J-5-3. Rajkumar checked to the raiser and Brook lead out with a bet for 380,000. Mortensen then raised to 800,000 and Brooks re-raised all-in and Mortensen called. Brooks had  6-4 for the open ended straight draw but the turn and river was a 5 and 10, however, Brooks won the pot with a flush on the river. Mortensen was eliminated in third place for $640,680 and Brooks had the commanding chip lead at that point.

In the final hand, Gregory Brooks raised to 325,000 preflop and Vivek Rajkumar called. The flop came down 7-3-2 and Rajkumar checked. Brooks bet 400,000 and Rajkumar decided to check-raise all in for 3.5 million. Brooks made the call and Brooks flipped over 8-7 and Rajkumar had J-T. The turn and river were of no help to Rajkumar and Brooks won his first WPT title and collected $1,654,120 in prize money.

Here were the World Poker Tour  L.A. Poker Classic final table results:

1: Gregory Brooks — $1,654,120
2: Vivek Rajkumar — $908,730
3: Carlos Mortensen — $640,680
4: Amir Lehavot — $421,680
5: Steve Gross — $304,000
6: Darryll Fish — $235,350