Full Tilt Poker Ban Washington Players

Full Tilt Poker referral codeIt seems that the American government are still trying to win the legal battle to keep the countries residents from gambling their income and borrowings within an online environment and a recent step up of pressure has seen first PokerStars ban real money action from residents within Washington State and now Full Tilt Poker has followed suit.

The news was not officially released in a way that you would expect the world’s second largest online poker room to announce it, instead opting to reveal their new restriction via a frequently asked questions post for all to see.

The officials at the online poker room replied “Due to recent legal developments, Full Tilt Poker has announced it will no longer provide real money games to players located within Washington State.”

The recent change which is referred to within the posting, sees online gambling of any sort now classed as a Class C felony, a move in which the legislators feel will prevent citizens from gambling their money through online methods.

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The battle to keep online poker players who reside within the United States of America from spending their income and borrowings within a gambling environment seems to have become a hot topic within the US Governors department and with the law now coming into place, online poker rooms are opting to prevent residents from doing just that in order to avoid any implications on themselves.

Poker Players Alliance (PPA) are a large group of poker players who have tried to contest the law, saying that they felt that the ban was incorrect but the high courts upheld the decision to bring the law into place and now it seems that even the online poker rooms are unwilling to fight the cause.

The online poker site has told all players who are effected by the recent alteration to their ability to play real money poker on the site that they can cash out their remaining balance, as well as cashing out their balance, the site has also stated that they will be happy to exchange any tournament tokens that the players hold for their respected financial value.

Should you want to cash out your winnings or convert your tournament tokens, you have to do so by emailing wa.state@fulltiltpoker.com in order for them to be able to access your account and process your withdrawal.

Although the site have revealed that they are more than willing to pay out what each effected player is owed, they did still outline that you would have to prove that you reside within the Washington State areas that are now prevented from loading up the real money tables.

The site have also asked that any players who are effected from the change but are still registered within money related tournaments, unregister from the tournament in order to prevent any losses which could amount should they not be able to play.

Although the PPA have been publically against the law being brought into play, they have moved to advise all players that are effected from the alteration that they should do as they are required to do so, reminding players that laws do have consequences.

They are advising that you should not take any chances on the chance of being caught but also pointed out that they are not done with fighting the law and will continue to have the ban lifted during the next legislative session.

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