Full Tilt Poker Ban Poker Bot Users

Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Poker (who reward new players who use a Full Tilt Poker referral code with a poker bonus of up to $600) have sent out an unknown number of emails stating that poker bots have now been banned from the site as well as several players for using them.

Following one member being banned, he headed to TwoPlusTwo poker forums to reveal that he has made more than $220,000 over the last 18 months at the site.

The news rocked the reputation of the site which carries the title of being the worlds second largest online poker room, with members questioning if they are going to continue to play their poker at a site that has illegal poker tools being used.

The email which was sent out to members at the site outlined that the site have completed their investigations into a number of players who have been proven to be using a poker bot, resulting in several accounts being banned from the site.

The email also revealed that the accounts of players who have been found to be guilty of using the illegal software have not only had their accounts disabled from the account but they have also had all funds in the accounts confiscated.

Although the site has shared that they have banned a number of accounts and seized funding from those accounts, they have not told anyone of any numbers or figures surrounding their recent actions.

The site did however say that a look into their software showed that Shanky Technologies, a company that provide poker bot software for a number of online poker rooms, had created a bot that was compatible with the site and so they believed that the majority of the accounts that were banned had being using this software.

Shanky Technologies issued a comment to all customers who had bought the poker bot from them, saying that they were sorry and that Full Tilt Poker had acted suddenly to ban the accounts even though they had tolerated poker bots for all this time.

Poker bots aren’t a new creation, they have been in circulation for a number of years and they have affected a number of online poker rooms over the recent years, with PokerStars (use a PokerStars marketing code when signing up) having to move to ban a number of players who were considered to have created a poker bot ring based in China after the group had been revealed as playing over 8 million hands and cashing more than $57,000 in Double or Nothing tournaments.