Evelyn Ng Biography

Evelyn NgEvelyn Ng was born on 14th September 1975 in Toronto, Canada. As a youngster she focused on her school studies however her attention was soon drawn to the pool halls – at just 14 years old, where she would play for real money most games. Ng was a very talented player and did well in the pool halls which were mainly frequented by older males. Like the majority of pool halls they also held poker games and Ng would occasionally participate in the games however she didn’t take the game seriously at this time.

By the time Ng turned 17 she was well-known for being a hotshot playing pool however this led to her earning less money because so few players wanted to challenge her. In an attempt to earn more money she accepted a job offer which one of the pool associates offered her. The job was dealing poker and blackjack games in underground rooms.

While travelling around dealing poker and blackjack games in underground rooms in Toronto she met Daniel Negreanu. Despite now representing PokerStars and being one of the world’s best-known and most successful poker players, at this point in his career Negreanu was just beginning to make a name for himself and due to his young age but great success he earned the nickname ‘Kid Poker’. Negreanu actually began teaching Ng in an effort to improve her poker skills and with them spending so much time together they ended up in a relationship. That relationship has now been over for several years but they still remain close friends.

By the age of 21 Ng had drastically improved her poker game, and Negreanu was so confident in her skills that he took her to Las Vegas as a 21st birthday present. The trip gave her a taste of the life she wanted and as soon as she got back to Toronto she packed her belongings and moved to Las Vegas. Despite being passionate and wanting to play poker professionally in Vegas she knew that she didn’t have sufficient funds in her bankroll so she took a job as a professional dealer in blackjack and poker games.

Eventually Ng had raised enough money to enable her to compete in higher stakes cash games and she also began participating in more of the poker tournaments in Vegas. Even though she had some success and began making a name for herself, it wasn’t until 2003 that she got her first big break. She entered the Ladies Night event of the World Poker Tour and made the final table. The final table was televised and Ng received a lot of attention however it wasn’t because of her poker skills – it was because she was Negreanu’s ex-girlfriend. Despite this Ng managed to make an impact and finished second in the event after outlasting Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke and Kathy Liebert, however she lost due to two bad-beats at the hands of Clonie Gowen.

She continued to participate in live poker tournaments and cash games with the year 2006 proving to be the best year of her career so far. Ng signed for Bodog Poker and accumulated $155,553 in winnings from live poker tournaments. Amongst her cashes for the year were two World Poker Tour cashes, a WSOP cash, and she finished 7th in the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker Tournament (Calvin Ayre is the owner of Bodog).

Ng continues to represent Bodog Poker at live poker tournaments across the world, however she hasn’t won a major tournament yet. She is currently dating Lex Veldhius who is a Team PokerStars Pro.

Evelyn Ng Plays At Bodog Poker

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