EPT Copenhagen 2011 Day 4 Recap

Per LindeDay 4 of of the European Poker Tour Copenhagen saw the final three tables return to the felt at Copenhagen Casino to whittle down the field to an eight-handed final table.

Sweden dominated the field with Per Linde, Joel Nordkvist and Michael Tureniec all playing with big stacks leading into the final table.

Interestingly, the biggest stacks happened to be located at the same table, meaning there was potential for a single monster stack to lead the field. By the end of the day, that huge stack was in the hands of Linde with 4.98 million, which is one third of the chips in play.

The first player to get eliminated on Day 4 was the last woman remaining in the tournament, Ravn. The lady failed to spike a lady with AQ up against her opponent’s big slick. Dmitry Vitkind was the next to exit again with AQ. Unfortunately hor him, he ran into pocket aces, finishing in 23rd place. Mikhail Lakhitov in 22nd, Surinder Sunar in 21st and Charles “Alan” McIntyre in 20th.

The chip leader heading into the day was Langmann. His stack went the opposite way today and it was reduced to 650,000. AQ appeared to be the hand of the tournamwnt, he moved all-in with AQ against Linde’s pocket jacks. Langmann didn’t hit anything and the last remaining Team PokerStars Pro busted out in 19th place.

Danish players Jan Sørensen and Helge Rahbek were next to go in 18th and 17th place, and Venezuelan Ivan Freitez was right in their shadow, finishing in 16th place. Swede’s Daniel Johansson was forced to move all-in with a short stack with A3 against Johnny Jensen’s pocket queens, but the ladies held up, and proof that Swedes at this year’s EPT were not completely indestructable.

Denmark’s Krogh was gone in 14th place after getting his stack in with AK, unbelievably running into Per Linde’s aces. Then Jensen and the last Norwegian Simen Johannessen, were eliminated in 13th and 12th, respectively. Jens Lauridsen exited in 11th place with pocket sixes against Nikolas Liakos’aces and Simon Hanninger in 10th with A6 running into Nordkvist’s big slick. The elimination of Hanninger reduced the field to a single nine-handed table.

The pace in the tournament slowed considerably for a while. After about one hour, Nordkvist made a mistake by four-betting Helppi all in with A2 but Helppi called with pocket jacks and held.

Then just a few hands later, Nordkvist pushed with Jd-2s and John Eames called with Kd-9s. The board came down 4c-Kc-Qs-As-Jc, and we were down to the eight-handed final.

Here are the starting chip counts and players at the final table of 2011 EPT Copenhagen:

Andrea Dalle Molle – 417,000
Per Linde – 4,980,000
Nikolas Liakos – 1,493,000
Mudassar Khan – 823,000
Kevin Iacofono – 1,844,000
John Eames – 1,060,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,310,000
Juha Helppi – 1,470,000