EPT Copenhagen 2011 Day 2 Recap

Michael TureniecThe Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen Main Event brought together the combined groups from the two start days to continue play on the felt at Casino Copenhagen.

No player was simply just looking to fold their way just to make the money. As you can imagine, aggression was a common feature of all players, with much of the field comprising of the top poker pros in the world.

Today made sure that the field had shrunk to just 73 players. Michael Tureniec was the eventual chip leader with 640,000 in chips by the end of the day.

Close to the leading chip stack is Per Linde with 514,000 chips. In addition, stacks close to the half-million mark include both Joel Nordkvist and Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly. There are two other Team PokerStars Pros to reach Day 3, Florian Langmann and Johnny Lodden.

One of the shock players to get eliminated on Day 2 was Ramzi Jelassi, who was in the group of leading chip stacks going into Day 2.

Peter Eastgate was also eliminated in his debut tournament since coming out of retirement. Eastgate was knocked out of the tournament with pocket queens on the flop of 8h-5c-2h. After check-raising to 27,700 after his opponent bet 8,000 on the flop, his opponent decided to 3bet to 50,000 and Eastgate shoved. He was quickly called by his opponent’s pocket fives to give him middle set. The turn and the river didn’t improve Eastgate’s hand, forced to resign to the rail.

Michael Tureniec, who finished as the chip leader at end of play, managed to win a few important coin flips, which saw his stack go on an upward trend. Most of the chip leaders heading into today managed to survive, although their stacks took a bit of a hit. Michael Aron ended the day with 205,400 and Domantas Klimciauskas has 212,200 chips.

Those players who were not as lucky to survive the day were Annette Obrestad, Scott Montgomery, Kevin Stani and Team Pros Ville Wahlbeck and Toni Judet.

The EPT Copenhagen Main Event attracted 449 players to create a total prize pool of around €2 million for the last 64 players to make the money. Even with the bubble so close, considering the relentless aggression shown by most of these players, expect a lot of players to get eliminated early on tomorrow.