Easley Wins WSOP Circuit Rincon Main Event

Seneca EasleyOn Saturday, the final table of the WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Rincon Main Event played out. From a starting field of 188 players, the final nine returned to the felt and it took ten gruelling hours to determine the winner. Seneca Easley prevailed in the end, walking away with more than $70,000.

Alexandru Masek was the first player to exit from the final table. He had about 25 big blinds left when he three-bet shoved with A-Q. The initial raiser, Patrick Karschamroon, snap called with A-K which held up.

One of the more accomplished players at the final table, Michael Simon, exited next in eighth place. Simon won a WPT event in Reno in 2006. He got his money in with A-9 on a 7-9-5 flop. but Narinder Khasria had flopped a set with 5-5, and the turn and river were of no help to Simon.

A 25 year-old mother from Texas, Nunes, had only had ten big blinds when she three-bet shoved with 5-5 which were racing against Karschamroon’s A-8. The 8 on the flop giving Karschamroon a pair and the pot and sending Nunes to the rail with a five-figure payday.

By the time it became three-handed, Khasria was down to only ten big blinds, and Walker shoved over him in a blind-versus-blind situation. Khasria called the all in with A-9, but unfortunately for him Walker had woken up with a premium hand, pocket queens, which held up, and Khasria was eliminated in third-place for $30,000.

That elimination meant the heads-up match was decided between Easley and Walker. Walker began the match with a 3 to 1 chip lead over his opponent. The two players were content to play small ball poker for most of the battle, but Easley quickly doubled up in a cooler hand.

Recovering from that loss, Walker eventually managed to retake the chip lead for a brief period of time in another cooler hand when Easley picked up pocket tens and four-bet shoved right into Walker’s aces.

Then just moments later, he got it in with 3-3 preflop against Walker’s higher overpair with 7-7. The match could have been over, but Easley found himself a set on the river.

Finally, with Walker down to ten big blinds he shoved with K-Q and Easley made the call with pocket tens. Walker won that race, however, his comeback was short-lived as just a few hands later, Walker got pocket sevens, and this time Easley called with K-Q which triumphed once again.

Easley was the chip leader after Day 1, Day 2, before eventually being crowned WSOP Circuit Rincon Main Event champion on Day 3, collecting $70,384 first-place prize money.