Dragomir Leads After Day 1A Of EPT Berlin

Cristian DragomirOn Tuesday, EPT Berlin got underway and although you may remember last year’s robbery at this tournament, the focus this time around has been on creating a friendly and profitable experience for all of the players.

Around 315 runners signed up and paid the €5000 buy-in to play the first starting day of EPT Berlin Main Event. Although its unlikely that this year’s field in the Main Event will match last year’s group of 945 players, it does mean Berlin now rivals stops like EPT London and EPT Barcelona in total field size.

There were a number of big names in the mix in the Day 1a field including Team PokerStars Pros Arnaud Mattern and Henrique Pinho as well as Sam Chartier, Simon Charette, Per Linde, Kevin Stani, Jeff Sarwer, Fabrice Soulier, Ana Marquez, Johan Van Til, and Toby Lewis.

The players who weren’t so lucky on Day 1a and were eliminated include Michael Tureniec, Ludovic Lacay, Fernando Brito, Antony Lellouche, Alex Wice, and Alexia Portal.

The chip leader is EPT Snowfest final tablist Cristian Dragomir finishing the day with 205,000 in chips. Second in chips is Mayu Roca Uribe, who recently finished runner-up at WPT Bratislava. Third in chips is McLean Karr he recently won the WPT High Rollers Event in Vienna. He finished Day 1a with 145,800 chips.

Day 1b, the second starting day, will likely attract more players then the first starting day, bringing the total field size to more then 700 players.

Here are the top chip counts from the end of Day 1a at EPT Berlin Main Event:

1. Cristian Dragomir – Romania – 205,000
2. Mayu Roca Uribe – Colombia – 190,000
3. Maximilian Heinzelmann – Germany – 186,400
4. Vegard Haland Vestvik – 178,100
5. Martin Jacobson – Sweden – 177,000
6. Nedzib Suman – Sweden – 154,700
7. Antonio Buonanno – Italy – 153,100
8. Frank Broderdorf – Italy – 147,600
9. McLean Karr – USA – 145,800
10. Mathias Kuerschner – Germany – 140,500