Dmitry Gromov Wins WPT Vienna 2011

Dmitry GromovThe World Poker Tour’s stop in Vienna, Austria was a record-setting event which took place at the Montesino Casino. The original field started with 555 players participating in the tournament. After two gruelling days the first WPT Vienna final table was reached.

Russian player Dmitry Gromov was the chip leader heading into the final table. He won the 2010 $5k Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza Main Event.

The first player to be eliminated was Markus Jenisch. Starting sixth in chips, Alessio Isaia’s aggressive play moved him to third in chips, although things turned sour when he ran K-Q into Valentin Stroiescu’s aces leaving him short stacked and out in 7th place just a few hands later.

Austria’s Maximillian Noll exited in 6th when his A-J was dominated by Ravnsbaek’s A-K. A king on the flop and the turn sent the hometown player to the rail.

When play became five-handed Gromov held over half the chips in play, but after a few ill-timed missteps Russian’s Kolosov and Stroiescu cut into his lead significantly.

Kolosov got involved in a hand against Stroiescu when his J-T were ahead of the Romanian’s A-9 on a flop of T-8-6, leaving Stroiescu drawing dead. On the very next hand, Italian Full Tilt Poker pro Mario Adinolfi moved all in with A-7 against Dmitry Gromov’s A-J and the favorite hand held up. The Italian exited in fourth place with €115,420.

Denmark’s Simon Ravnsbaek was knocked out in third place when his A-J didn’t make a pair against Gromov who made the call with pocket sixes.

The Heads-up play at WPT Venice was decided between two Russians playing for the title, Gromov and Kolosov. Heads up action would only last eight hands, when Gromov opened with A-T, Kolosov three-bet with pocket eights and Gromov decided to risk his tournament life and move all in. Kolosov made the called hoping to double up but a ten on the flop left Kolosov drawing to two outs, the turn made it interesting with a straight draw, but the river bricked and Dmitry Gromov claimed the WPT title and first place prize money.

The final table results from World Poker Tour Vienna were as follows:

1st: Dmitry Gromov – €447,840
2nd: Maxim Kosolov – €241,180
3th: Simon Ravnsbaek – €169,690
4th: Mario Adinolfi – €115,420
5th: Valentin Stroiescu – €83,550
6th: Maximilian Noll – €65,460
7th: Alessio Isaia – €49,100
8th: Markus Jenisch – €36,180