David Johnson Wins GUKPT Blackpool

David JohnsonThe 8th leg of the GUKPT series came to a close this week in Blackpool and with the final tournament of the series before the Grand Final seeing two freezeout tournaments which featured two large player fields, winner David Johnson truly deserved his victory.

Spanning from two tournaments which featured 176 players and 140 players, the final tournament was sure to offer lots of great poker action and strategic play from all players involved as they battled to win the GUKPT crown.

Hosted at the G Casino in Blackpool, the setting was great but the poker play on show was much better, with huge twists along the way making way for a great final tournament and a well deserved victory for any play that was to win the title.

The title was decided on the third day of play, with David Johnson earning enough points to out score Alli Mallu and take the top spot which credited him with the opportunity to win both the GUKPT Player of the Year title and the £20,000 first place payout for achieving the accolade.

Johnson entered into day three of the action as the final player to make the cut but that wasn’t enough to knock his mentality and he was able to prove that he had what it takes to be the last man standing in the tournament.

With the final day offering up a player field of 246 players who all shared the same goal of winning the tournament, the action was set to be fierce and it didn’t disappoint.

After battling his way through the tournament and seeing both himself and his opponents knocking out players almost as quickly as they entered the tables, Johnson was soon left to do battle heads up with Richard ‘Strummer9’ Herbert.

With the two players trading blows through a stream of big hands and the community cards not seeming to offer any major upset for the players who were seated at the final table, the hopefuls just kept falling into the spectator stands, Kevin Parkes being the first to be sent home after running into the pocket queens of Andy Bradshaw.

Lee Taylor was the next to be sent to the cashier earlier than he would have liked, seeing his pocket queens broken by the Ace/King of Ronald ‘Vinnie’ Musson, a hand which saw Musson take the chip leader and seemingly sat pretty at this point in the tournament.

Seeing Musson take the chip lead, tournament favourite Jack Ellwood seemed to fail to be able to step up his game in order to try to regain the chip leader status, instead seeming to sit out of the action as he watched his peers trade chip for chip over their hands.

Ryan Wood then tried to make a strong play when he looked down at his pair of tens only to find that they had come at the wrong time and he was up against a pair of aces, spelling the end of his day.

Robert Boon then failed to be able to make his ‘big slick’ pay off as he collided with Musson’s pocket Jacks to further increase his lead at the table and his grip on the tournament.

Now down to the final six players of the tournament, the action began to speed up. Chips were thrown into the middle was quickly as they were raked back out and with the break due, it was thought that the action would then slow back down but that didn’t prove to be the case.

Andrew Bradshaw was the next to crash out of the tournament, heading to the stands to watch as tournament favourite Jack Ellwood and Dylan Randles following him to the spectator stands and the queue for the cashier’s desk.

Three players left and Richard Herbert was leading the field at this point, taking up the position as chip leader and his position strengthened as he clashed with Musson across two hands which would see Musson’s stack firstly heavily dented and then his tournament life eliminated.

Down to the final two players of the tournament, all eyes were fixed firmly on Richard Herbert and the chip lead in which he was holding but that soon changed as David Johnson opted to make a push which proved too much for Herbert to call, seeing Johnson gain the chip lead.

The final hand of the tournament came as chip leader Johnson hit top pair on the board as rival Herbert hit second pair, enough to make both players who their interest in the hand and both players push their full stacks into the middle.

The tournament fell to Johnson and it proved to be one of the quickest final tables in the GUKPT tournament series history.

The final placing table and the winnings in which the players took home look like this:

David Johnson – £67,750

Richard Herbert – £44,900

Ronald Musson – £29,500

Dylan Randles – £17,850

Jack Ellwood – £13,300

Andrew Bradshaw – £10,800

Robert Boon – £8,350

Ryan Wood – £6,750

Lee Taylor – £4,900

The tournament victory now means that David Johnson is in for a real shot at being named the GUKPT Player of the Year but it will mean that he will have to have a strong showing within the upcoming Grand Final which will take place in London from 18th – 28th November.

Although Johnson needs to rank well within the tournament, his current record is signalling that he has what it takes to be able to seal the title, cashing more times this year than any other player involved in the competition.