Cardrunners Review

Cardrunners is the biggest poker training site on the net. They offer training videos of top pros playing online poker whilst recording their thought process of each hand and move they make. Cardrunners is a great way to improve as a poker player, as the videos are made by a pro in a particular game, such as Omaha Hi Lo, 6 Max SNG’s, Full Ring Cash Games etc. so you will be learning from the best.

Cardrunners Price

The site runs on a subscription basis, with one month, 6 months and 12 month packages available. Here is a breakdown in the costs:

Package Sign up fee Monthly cost Total Cost
1 month $100 $30 $130
6 months $100 Prepaid $240
12 months Prepaid $360

As you can see, the best deal is clearly the year long package, as there is no sign up fee which makes the deal come out at just $30 per month. There is also a free package, but that doesn’t allow the same access rights as the paid versions.

When using a paid package, you will be entitled to:

  • Forum access in which pros participate
  • Access to Pro’s Blogs
  • Hand History Tools
  • Access to Pro’s strategy articles
  • Access to all videos
  • Live chat with pros and members
  • Members only special offers
  • Ability to create your own blog

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Cardrunners Videos

There is at least one video uploaded to the site daily, with 2 or more frequently added. The site also hosts a schedule which shows you what day each video will be released up to a week in advance.

The videos are made by some of the biggest names in poker, including Cole South, Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby and David “Raptor” Benefield all of which can be found playing the high stakes games online.

The site hosts a variety of videos, although the main focus of the site is NL Ring games. This should be no surprise however, as it is the most popular form of poker available. You can find a video for almost any game though, whether it be Razz, Omaha MTT’s or any other form of poker you play. This is a great way to expand your skills into another area of poker which may be more profitable then your current game, as you will be learning from the best.

Extras at Cardrunners

Apart from the videos, Cardrunners also offers a variety of other tools for members. You will have access to a variety of podcasts and strategy articles made by the pros. This helps you keep up to date with the latest news in the industry and sharpen your skills. You can also use the sites hand history converter, which will take your ordinary text and convert it into an easily readable hand history accompanied by suit graphics. You can then post it onto the forums and get views from other members and pros as to how you could or should have played the hand.

No matter what stakes you play, Cardrunners will definitely pay for itself in the long run, as so long as you are open to learn your game will rapidly improve.

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