Carbon Poker Super Money Tree Promotion

Carbon PokerWho wouldn’t want to start of the New Year by planting a money tree and watching it grow? Well, you can make that a reality with Carbon Poker and our Super Money Tree promotion for the month of January.

For the whole month of January, Carbon Poker will keep track of your VIP points that you earn at the tables and the more you earn, the more money your money tree will pay you off with. There are no limits on how much money your tree can grow by the end of the month and your Carbon account will be credited with the funds just after midnight on January 31st.

To get started on this amazing promotion all you need to do is visit ‘Money Tree’ page in your player admin and click on the activation button. Then, as long as you earn 100 VIP points within any 24 hr period we will pay you $1 for every 75 VIP points earned on your top five qualifying days.

However, there is more….

If you reach 10 x qualifying days of 175 VIP points or more, you will receive $1 for every 55 VIP points earned on your top 10 days and if you manage to reach 20 x qualifying days of 250 VIP points or more you will receive $1 for every 25 VIP points you earned on your top 10 days.

A promotion like this is a great way to kick-start your bankroll for 2011 as you are getting paid to play and the more you do, the more you earn. Sign up today for the Super Money Tree promotion to plant your seed towards great financial growth.

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